Your Getsafe accident insurance will cushion the financial consequences with a one-off payment if an accident causes permanent damage to your health.

from €7.78 / month

  • For those with an affinity for risk

    People who are more frequently exposed to the risk of long-term injuries could benefit from this insurance.

  • Accidents with long-term consequences

    Accident insurance protects you if an accident causes permanent damage to your health.

  • One-off payment

    So that, for example, house and car can be easily modified if the situation after an accident requires it.

Our Tariff

Getsafe accident insurance is always at your side through the app. In case something goes wrong, you can report the damage on the spot. We will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Your Benefits

  • No questions regarding health
  • Monthly accident benefit
  • Death benefit
  • Daily cancellation

from €7.78 / month

Available Extensions

The Premium Extension offers important additional benefits for families with children and increased payouts in many cases.

What's covered?

Definition of accident and invalidity
For a case to be covered by accident insurance, these conditions must be met:
1. Accident
What is an accident?
2. Disability
How is disability defined?
3. The disability is a consequence of the accident
It must occur within 15 months
Insured causes of an accident
Among others, the following accidents are covered:
Damage to health during rescue operations, self-defence
Even if these were deliberately accepted
The increased use of your muscular strength
Extended increased physical exertion
Typical movements and reflexes
Own movements
Heart attack, stroke
If an accident was caused by a heart attack / stroke
Non-professional races with karts
On kart tracks
Disturbances of consciousness
Through fatigue, alcohol, medication and when driving

What's not?

Accidents that didn't cause permanent damage
If no disability resulted from the accident
Accidents related to a criminal offence
If you commit a crime and there is an accident in the process
Accidents at car races, motorcycle races, etc.
Participation as driver or passenger in races with motor vehicles
Damage to health through therapeutic measures
Like surgeries, radiation therapies

Benefits and payout

One-off payment in the event of disability caused by an accident
Disability benefit (Invaliditätsleistung)
Calculation of the benefit
From sum insured, progression and degree of disability
Assessment of the degree of disability
From schedule of compensation and degree of impairment
Schedule of compensation
Defined degrees of disability for certain parts of the body
Increased payout with a high degree of disability
Increased payout (Mehrleistung), only without progression
Condition, nature and amount of the benefit
Double disability benefit up to an additional maximum of €150,000
Dynamic increase in disability benefits
So-called progression
Explanation of terms
225, 350 and 500 progression
Benefits of progression
Lower premium with partially higher payout
Monthly accident benefit
If an accident has such serious consequences that you can prove a degree of disability of 50% or more, you will receive a regular payout.
Amount of the monthly accident benefit
You determine the amount during the purchase process, based on our recommendation
Duration of payment
From the month of the accident
Daily hospital allowance
Will be paid for up to two years while you are hospitalized due to an accident.
Incapacity to work due to an accident, medical treatment
Amount and duration of the benefit
Previously agreed amount for the duration of the treatment
Death benefit
If the insured person dies as a result of an accident within one year
Condition and amount of the benefit
Death as a result of an accident, individual amount
Cosmetic surgeries
If the outer appearance is affected by an accident
Condition, nature and amount of the benefit
Cosmetic surgeries within three years after the accident up to € 20,000
Search, rescue and recovery operations
In the context of an accident, even if the accident was imminent, up to €20,000
Condition, nature and amount of the benefit
(Imminent) accidents and related search, rescue, recovery and transport

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