Bike Theft

If someone steals your bike, we'll get you up on a new bike in no time. Don't let yourself go!

from €1 / month

  • Theft

    If your bike was stolen even though it was locked properly, we will refund the purchase price.

  • Also for e-bikes, carbon bikes and pedelecs

    What type of bike-enthusiast are you? Even if you have several bicycles, you are in good hands with us.

  • Daily cancellation

    Our flexible tariffs allow you to adjust your insurance at any time.

Our Tariff

Getsafe bike theft insurance is always at your side through the app. In case something goes wrong, you can report the damage on the spot. We will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Your Benefits

  • Worldwide coverage
  • 24 hours a day
  • Additional coverage with the Vandalism extension
  • Daily cancellation

from €1 / month

Available Extensions

Because life is too beautiful to beat yourself up over material stuff: if someone vandalises your bike, we'll get it back on track in no time with the Vandalism Extension.

  • Premium

    from €1.05 per month

What's covered?

Bikes, e-bikes, pedelecs, carbon bikes
In the amount of the purchase price according to the receipt
Worldwide, 24 hours a day
Multiple bicycles
If they belong to you

What's not covered?

Insufficiently locked bicycles
Partial theft
Rented bikes
Scooters (incl. e-scooters)


Where is my bike insured?
What do I need to consider when locking my bike?
Is my bike insured around the clock?
Why do I need the Premium extension?
What do I have to consider before and after the damage occurs?
How do I calculate the correct insured sum?
Can I insure multiple bikes with one policy?

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  • Mark Blankenbicker

    25.05.2020 – Google play store

    "Simple, easy to understand and navigate, and answered all questions. Actually pleasurable to use."

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