Bike Protection

  • Covered against theft, burglary & robbery
  • Global coverage
  • Daily cancellation

from €3.75 / month

  • Global cover

    Ride your bike wherever you like without worrying. You’re even covered abroad with Getsafe Bike insurance.

  • Peace of mind over theft

    Cover your bike against criminals, and remove the fear surrounding leaving your bike locked in public or at home.

  • On your terms

    Extend your policy, make a claim, or even cancel whenever you need to with the Getsafe app.

Our Tariff

Your bike holds the key to your next adventure. Don’t let fear stop you going where you want.

The Getsafe app means we’re always by your side whenever you need us. If you have to make a claim, you can do so immediately. This enables us to process your claim quickly and ensures you never get stranded without your bike.


Your Benefits

  • Remove the fear of leaving your bike locked in the street or at home
  • Cover against theft, burglary, and robbery
  • Adapt your coverage any time, any place via our app
  • Go anywhere with your bike thanks to global coverage

from €3.75 / month


The Comprehensive Cover extension offers you an extra level of protection when it comes to your bikes, including repair costs in the event of an accident or vandalism, for example. You can also choose which workshop handles any repairs.

What's covered?

Insured items
Bike insurance covers items that meet the following criteria:
Bicycles, tricycles, and e-bikes
Cover for your preferred method of transport
Items permanently attached to the bike
Such as batteries on e-bikes
New bikes purchased from a retailer up to three years ago
When taking out insurance for the bike
Bikes used for everyday transport
Riding to work and general transportation but not for competitions or racing
Insured risks and damage
Your bike insurance covers you against the following risks:
When your bike is stolen
Protection against theft during break-ins
Theft where force is used
Baggage and accessories on your bike
Including trailers, camping equipment, and helmets

What's not?

Bikes that don’t belong to you
You can only insure your own bike
Bikes that aren’t secured properly or at all
Take measures to keep your bike secure
Vehicles that require a driving licence or insurance
Mopeds and motorcycles aren’t covered, for example
Secondhand and self-made bikes
Bikes that have not come directly from an original manufacturer
Theft that isn’t reported
The authorities must be alerted in the event of theft

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