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✓ 5 additional drivers included
✓ 100% flexible via app

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With Getsafe, you can save up to 30% compared with other insurers

Getsafe Car insurance is cheap. In addition to our great prices, we also offer options like our garage partner network, deductibles, and a no-claims bonus.

But how is this possible? The answer is incredibly simple. We use the latest technology to offer you the best prices. You can manage everything in our app and save money – while always having someone you can turn to. So, what are you waiting for?


Third-Party Liability
Partial Comprehensive Coverage
Fully Comprehensive Coverage

Always included

Rewards for safe driving

Insure 5 extra drivers for free

100% flexible via app

File a claim easily via app

Third-Party Liability

Compensation of claims to third parties / legally required liability

Damage to your property

Mallorca cover (driving rented cars abroad)

Damage to property and third-party vehicles (up to €100 million per claim)

Damage caused to other people (up to €15 million per person)

Defence against unjustified claims

Partial Comprehensive Coverage

General information regarding Partial Comprehensive Coverage

Fire, explosions, and short circuits

Car theft

Natural hazards

Collisions with animals, animal bites, and any resulting damage

Broken glass

Fully Comprehensive Coverage

Damage caused by collisions to your car




We care about your safety. Thats why you will receive a voucher of 5% for each year you dont make a claim.

This amounts to 5% discount on the premium without tax., redeemable from the end of the contract year.


Just sit back and let your friends and relatives drive. You can insure up to 5 additional drivers who are at least 25 years old, free of charge.


Kilometres driven, additional drivers insured, personal details – you can change everything in a matter of seconds in the app, without extra costs.

Why does your premium stay the same?

How it works: Other insurers increase your premium considerably because your bonus-malus class (SF-Klasse) is downgraded as a result of an accident. As long as you are with Getsafe, your bonus-malus class wont be negatively affected. This is why your premium stays the same even after an accident!

We’re not a fan of small print, so please read the following carefully: Our priority is that your price remains the same, even after accidents. We will do everything we can to keep this promise. However, it may be that we have to move away from this. A potential reason for this would be if there is an accumulation of claims. This enables us to always guarantee favorable prices for our customers.

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Switching car insurance

How it works:

It only takes a click. You can cancel your old car insurance policy as soon as you purchase Getsafe Car insurance. You just have to select this option and we take care of the rest. We automatically send your notice of cancellation by post to your insurer and confirm the dispatch via email. This means you can sit back and wait for the response from your old insurance company. Please note: It is your responsibility to check whether you can cancel on the desired date.

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We're there for you

Whether you have questions about Getsafe or need to make a car insurance claim, our team is always happy to help. Simply give us a call or send us an email. Our Customer Service team speaks both German and English and will gladly take care of your queries.

Our team is there for you Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 20:00.



I already have private liability insurance. Do I still need third party car liability insurance?
Why can’t I find my car with my HSN/TSN?
Which documents do I need to finalise my contract?
How can I accurately estimate my mileage for the coming year?
How does the garage partner network work?
How do I find out what my bonus-malus class (SF class) is?
Can I carry over a bonus-malus class (SF class) from my parents?
Does it make a difference if I pay annually or monthly?
Can I buy Partial or Fully Comprehensive Coverage without Third Party Liability?
How and when do I receive my contract documents?


For those of you, who want to know specifically what the Getsafe car insurance is about, here are the most important documents:

- Product Information (IPID)

- General Terms & Conditions


Insurance is too complicated? Not with Getsafe! Our glossary explains the most important insurance terms - in a simple and understandable way!