Dental Routine Care

With our dental insurance modules, nothing can put you in a bad mood. Not even a dentist appointment.

from €5.90 / month

  • Professional Teeth Cleaning

    This additional insurance for dental care already pays off with the annual professional dental cleaning.

  • Plastic Fillings

    If you need plastic fillings, this insurance module pays for them.

  • Submit Invoices via App

    As soon as you receive an invoice, you can quickly and easily submit it to us using our chatbot.

Our Tariff

The Getsafe supplementary dental insurance consists of three modules. This way you can get exactly the modules that suit you and your current situation. You can submit your dental bills quickly and easily via app. We will take care of your matter as soon as possible.


Your Benefits

  • Professional Dental Cleaning
  • Plastic Fillings
  • No premium development by age
  • Choose from three modules to get your ideal dental insurance

from €5.90 / month

What's covered?

Professional Dental Cleaning
up to €80/year
Plastic fillings
up to 100%


No premium development by age
Modular insurance structure
Limitation of coverage

Customer Voices

125,000+ customers trust Getsafe & let us know every day – with an average app rating of 4.8 stars. Thank you!

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  • Julian Comes

    10.10.2019 – Google play store

    "Absolutely perfect and easy!"


Why do I need dental insurance?
What kind of costs would I have to pay if I decide to do without dental insurance?
What should I be aware of if I require dental work?
When will my protection be activated?
Will you cover the costs of procedures which my dentist has already advised/begun?

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