Dog Liability Extension


  • Extended protection
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Enjoy the best service

from €2.58 / month

  • Insured for a higher amount

    The Premium extension offers even more protection for you and your four-legged friends.

  • The best service

    You can rest assured that you are perfectly insured in the event of any damage.

  • Worldwide coverage

    Even when you’re on holiday, we take care of you and your dog.

Our Tariff

If you’ve owned dogs before, you’re likely aware that some of them eat anything – edible or otherwise.The Premium extension for Getsafe Dog Liability insurance offers even better protection for your four-legged friends. Just report the damage quickly and easily via app.

Your Benefits

  • Damages up to €20 million
  • Best service
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Taking over deposits abroad

from €2.58 / month

Damage Examples

With friends

You take your dog over to friends house. While you're in the other room, your dog chews your friend's nice rug – damaging it badly.

Dog insurance compensates the costs of the damage.

icon of a dog

On holiday

You are on holiday with your dog in a European country and your four-legged friend scratches a door in your holiday apartment. That's why your deposit is kept back to repair the damage.

With the premium protection we will provide up to €100.000 in advance.

icon of umbrella at the beach

What's covered?

Additional benefits with the Premium extension:
Security deposits abroad
Up to €100,000
Best Performance Guarantee
Adaptation to better conditions of other insurers in the event of a claim
Loss of claims in the event of damage caused by intentional acts
To the insured dog owner or dog sitter
Higher sum insured
€20 million

What's not?

Exclusions from the Best Performance Guarantee
The exclusions of the Comfort module also apply.

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