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Now it is time to open a whole new chapter, with a new logo, a new design, a new voice and with our vision

3 minute read2020-05-04
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Since its foundation in 2015, Getsafe has changed a lot. We have grown up. Our brand has adapted and matured with us. But now it is time to open a whole new chapter, with a new logo, a new design, a new voice and with our vision: we empower people to live life to the fullest by covering them and their universe, no matter who and where they are.

About the rebranding

We know that this also means a change for you. This is why we gathered the most important questions in this blog post. Let us know if there’s anything you’d still like to know. We’re always happy to get in touch with you.

Why is this rebranding happening?

Over the years, Getsafe has grown and our appearance no longer matches what we are today. Our brand grew organically, and as we matured, we wanted to reconnect with our core customers. With the rebranding, we are laying the foundation for a global insurance brand for the new generation. We want to show that insurance is fun and can be something positive. Our former cold and technical appearance no longer fits us. We want to focus on those who are in the mood for something new, embrace challenges and enjoy life. This is our new brand, this is Getsafe.

Will it look very different?

Yes! Everything will look different – but no worries, the core, our technology, stays the same.

What exactly changes with the rebranding?

With our new brand, the visual appearance will be updated: a new logo, colours and images will be used. The app has got a new look and feel, and you might have to search for the new icon on your smartphone. Also our emails will look different now – and not only because Carla is finally getting a makeover. By the way, how do you like her now?

What’s almost even more important: the way we communicate to you is changing. We want to spread positivity and show you that it's not so bad when things go wrong. Spilled wine on the keyboard? C'est la vie. Your dog has ruined your new sofa? Life happens.

What remains the same?

The whole experience stays the same – and it is getting even better. Getsafe is here for you. Whatever happens. Whenever you want it. Wherever you are. In times of crises, in times of joy. Our customer service is available during working hours. Carla is here for you 24/7 a day. Feel free to say hi!

How will the rebrand affect the Getsafe app?

The app mainly will change its appearance, but the functions remain the same: you can buy, change and add insurance. You can inform yourself, ask questions, and add co-insured persons. You can still find personalised content for every stage of life on Safe Place, and you can browse through our deals or take part in surveys.

Is there anything I have to do to have the new brand ready on my smartphone?

In order to have the app with our new brand available on your mobile phone, you should simply update the Getsafe app to the latest version. Just go to the App Store or Play Store.

How can I share the experience with friends and family? Is there a bonus?

As always, the best experience is the one you share with your friends, right? If you are happy with Getsafe and you feel that it could be a good fit for your friends and family, we are very grateful for your support. Simply invite your friends to Getsafe easily via the Getsafe app. After they buy their first insurance, they will receive 15 euros in credit. You will receive 15 euros in credit as well. Win win.

Are there any changes to the customer service?

No, there are no changes here. You can contact our customer service through the app, via email or phone during working hours, as usual.

What should I do if anything appears strange to me?

Ooops, life happens. If there’s any bug or you can find something that is not working: please let us know!

Author: Maxine