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Your health insurance doesn't cover your mouthguard expenses – take it into your own hands


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„Back and forth, brushing your teeth isn’t hard!“ – one could think. Despite years of intensive care, you sometimes cannot avoid tartar formation or caries. Tooth roots can become inflamed and treatment is inevitable. Many people don’t know that your public health insurance does not cover professional tooth cleaning and high-quality plastic fillings. Crazy, right? Without additional dental insurance, a simple root canal treatment can result in costs around 500€!

Everything you need to know about dental protection insurance

In order to avoid paying such high amounts out of your own pocket, you should definitely think about a dental insurance.

Why do I need dental protection insurance?

In recent years or decades, the statutory health insurance funds have abolished almost all services for the treatment of teeth. This means that you will be confronted with continuously rising costs at the dentist, which you now have to pay for yourself. Depending on the treatment, this can tear a considerable hole in your health insurance. A dental insurance insures you against such financial consequences.

What costs will I be confronted with without dental protection?

The exact costs depend on your dentist and the type of treatment. Here you will find a list of the most common treatments. The values given here are intended as a guide.

Costs for:

  • Amalgam filling = 0 €
  • Tooth cleaning = 50 – 120 €
  • Plastic filling (so-called composite filling) = 100 – 300 €
  • Ceramic crown = 400 – 700 €
  • Root canal treatment = 300 – 1000 €
  • Ceramics = 500 – 1000 €
  • Tooth bridge = 800 – 1500 €
  • Implant with ceramic crown = 2500 – 3500 €

What do I need to know if I need dental treatment?

It is important that you are insured before starting any treatment. If, on the other hand, your dentist has already recommended a specific treatment, it is always too late to cover the costs. This is because insurance companies do not pay for damages that occurred before the contract was signed. This also applies to „damage“ to your teeth.

How do I submit the costs for my dental treatment?

We recommend that you ask your dentist for a „treatment and cost plan“ for larger treatments. In this plan, the dentist determines which treatment he wants to carry out and at what cost. First, you submit the treatment and cost plan to the statutory health insurance. They will check the plan and usually give you their consent. Then you submit the promise of the statutory health insurance and the treatment and cost plan to the private dental supplementary insurance.

With Getsafe, it’s all very easy with the App. You send us the documents as a scan or photo; we will then inform you about the expected reimbursement amount. If you have the treatment carried out, you submit the bills to us and get your money back.

When is my protection active?

Your insurance is valid from the next day. Example: You buy your cover on 1 February. Treatments are then covered from 2 February. This also means that treatments that were recommended or started before the insurance cover started are not covered.

This is what the Getsafe dental protection policy can do for you

We have developed an optimal protection plan for you, which you can book modularly. You can extend or remove the Getsafe dental protection plan on a daily basis in a very flexible way and therefore do not have to buy a fixed, expensive package. Depending on your priorities you can add or remove a module – everything at a fair price.

You can get premium dental services, have your teeth treated by the dentist of your choice and no longer have to worry about costs. Sounds great? Then select your individual dental protection today.

Do you have any questions? Contact us. The Getsafe team will be happy to advise you. Send an email to [email protected].

Stay safe!

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