Getsafe's design to live and work anywhere

We asked ourselves how we wanted to collaborate in the future. The answer is simple: Everyone is unique, and so should be the way of working at Getsafe. Here is our future workplace design

3 minute read2022-06-07
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In the past two years, we discovered the advantages of remote work, i. e. high flexibility, more focus time, less commuting and being closer to friends and family. However, we have also learned to appreciate the value of our offices even more. Zoom is excellent for having efficient meetings and staying up to date, but it is not the best tool to socialise, network, and be creative.

Flexibility and Connectedness

Our approach is based on two pillars: flexibility and connectedness. Without flexibility, we would be stuck in a work mode of the past without freedom of choice to work your way. Without connectedness, we might risk thinking in silos or lacking understanding of each other. We want to create an inclusive culture in which all of us feel trusted and empowered to get the work done, no matter where we work or how often we come to the office.

Live and work anywhere

We want you to be able to live and work anywhere in one of our operating countries – independently of where precisely the office is based. You choose because you know best how to work best and where and when you are most productive. Some of you may prefer the quietness of your own home; others might cherish the ongoing buzz in the office. We deliberately designed a fully flexible model without any rules for office days. Some teams and roles might have a higher attendance need. However, we fully trust that everyone decides on where to work in the best interest of Getsafe.

Our offices as cultural hubs

Our three offices in Heidelberg, Berlin, and London are our cultural hubs with a shared desk policy. In the next months we will invest in the best tech equipment and provide meeting space to ensure an efficient work environment and embrace collaboration. Everyone is welcome to enjoy all office benefits such as free drinks and snacks, playing kicker table, and having fun with the rest of the team onsite.

Let's spend magical moments together

Spending time together has always been an essential part of Getsafe's culture, and we’re doubling down on that. We believe in meaningful in-person get-togethers to strengthen our relationships and build trust. We will organise quarterly team off-sites. The idea is to gather every quarter, and our two-day summer event in July this year will be the official kick-off. In addition, onboarding is a three-day in-person camp in Heidelberg for new joiners to connect and inhale our Getsafe spirit.

Get inspired at the beach or in the mountains

One of our values is acting and thinking like an entrepreneur, which requires space for creativity. Thinking about “working from anywhere” also includes the opportunity for workation. To allow new inspiration and a change of scenery, we introduce our workation policy: Starting today, you can live and work anywhere in every EU country or your country of origin for up to 90 days per year. We would love to open it up to even more countries worldwide. However, there are high complexities with taxes, data protection, and social security systems. Therefore, we have to limit it to surf spots in Portugal and mountain views in the Alps for the time given.

Choose the benefits you want

All of you are at different stages of life and face diverse personal and professional challenges. We introduce our Flex Benefits Program starting in the next few months to account for that. Instead of offering only a few benefits that are valuable only to some of you, we let you decide for yourselves. Next to our personal development budget, we introduce a monthly budget that you can spend according to your preferences which could include the following:

  • ergonomic desk and chair at home
  • free meals for lunch
  • sports like a gym membership
  • job ticket

We grow together

Getsafe is built by all of us. This new and holistic workplace design has the potential to unlock a better, self-reliant and flexible mode of working together. We trust that we will make the best of our open culture, keep up the spirit of learning, and enjoy many fun moments together.

Author: Christian