Partial Comprehensive Coverage

Who needs it, what it costs, and what it covers: We explain this and address all important questions about Partial Comprehensive Coverage


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Your car insurance: Partial or Fully Comprehensive Coverage

Partial and Fully Comprehensive Coverage are both optional car insurance policies. They offer additional protection to mandatory Third Party Liability. In this article, we explain what Partial Comprehensive Coverage is and what it covers.

What is Partial Comprehensive Coverage?

Partial Comprehensive Coverage protects you against damage to your car that you didn’t cause yourself. If your car is stolen, a branch breaks your windscreen in a storm, or a deer runs in front of your car, you clearly cannot be held responsible for the damage and shouldn’t have to pay for repairs. In these cases, Partial Comprehensive Coverage has your back.

What does Partial Comprehensive Coverage cover?

There are a wide range of hazards when it comes to your car. We compiled a list of typical incidents that are covered by Partial Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Theft and robbery
  • Fire and explosions
  • Natural hazards, including damage caused by storms, lightning, hail, and flooding
  • Damage caused by animals of all types
  • Marten bites to cables, tubes, and wires as well as any resulting damage
  • Cable damage due to short circuits
  • Damage caused by stones hitting your windscreen

Partial Comprehensive Coverage usually reimburses you for up to the current value of your car. This means that if your car is written off, your insurer will reimburse you as much as your car is worth at the time of the accident.

How much does Partial Comprehensive Coverage cost?

As is the case with Third Party Liability coverage, the price for Comprehensive Coverage varies greatly. There are several factors that influence the price, including the car model, region, or how often and far you drive your car. An additional benefit of Partial and Fully Comprehensive Coverage is that you can opt to use a garage partner network for repairs. This means that only garages in the network can repair your car. If you choose this option, you save 20% on your insurance premium.

You can learn more about how car insurance prices are calculated here.

Who should get Partial Comprehensive Coverage?

Partial Comprehensive Coverage is a good option if your car is worth more than 4,000 euros. If you’re unsure about whether the policy is right for you, ask yourself: What impact would my car being stolen have on my financial situation? You should also consider if the monthly or annual payments for the policy are manageable. Therefore, it’s key to weigh up which option makes financial sense and what level of risk you’re willing to carry.

Author: Carina