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What challenges do startups face in Human Resources?

2 minute read2018-10-08
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Hi Annelie, you're currently doing an internship in HR at Getsafe* – but your majors are culture and economics. How does that fit together?

I want to try different things – I've looked into marketing earlier as well. I'm not quite sure what I want to do, but I want to make as many experiences as possible to try and find what fits me best. I've thought about HR for a while and thought I would like it – which is what I'm trying to find out right now 😉. I lov working with other people, so I thought that could be cool.

How did you find Getsafe?

Very traditionally via job websites. I liked the job description and the innovative approach with the smartphone app.

How would you summarize your tasks and personal projects?

I'm responsible for the onboarding process of our newest Getsafees. I want to make a high-quality process the new standard and make it more efficient. I'm currently in the feedback phase – I was able to test the new process on a new employee und now I'm adapting it after having received her feedback on it. I also support in recruiting, meaning I do marketing targeting universities, where we're always looking for new talents. And, of course, I'm always there for my colleagues. And this has only been five weeks of internship.

Is this your first startup experience?

Yes – I didn't actively look for a startup. I thought it could be easier to get a job in a startup, because I didn't bring any experience. I am extremely happy that it worked out. Everything here is super dynamic and open.

What's your personal goal for your time at Getsafe?

I set up new goals every week. But the thing that is most important to me is the onboarding process. I want to optimize it to the extent that it is perfect and no one else has to worry about it anymore. My personal goal is to understand how the different teams work and to really grasp the essence of what it means to be in HR. In this environment, I get to learn many new things. I don't have to do the same thing over and over again, I can try anything and make a variety of different experiences.

What are you especially taking away from this?

I have learned so many valuable things about different topcis: Not only in HR, but also with regards to insurance, technology, and startups per se.

How would you compare your time at Getsafe to other internships?

When I was a marketing intern, that was a completely different story. It was fun, but I didn't learn as much. Through my internship at Getsafe, I found out that HR actually fits me quite well. The variety of the tasks is exciting and I get to have responsibility. I have never had that before. So I would say, sometimes it's not wrong to just jump into it head-first. You learn the most by doing this.

What's your favorite drink from our fridge?

I got pretty addicted to iced coffee (laughs).

Do you want to do an internship at Getsafe?

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*In the meantime, Annelie has started new adventures beyond the insurance industry. If you would like to get in touch with her, keep your eyes open on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Author: Lydia