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Your Safe Place

What’s your Safe Place? Whether it’s a location, a person or a hobby, a Safe Place conveys a sense of security, comfort and tranquillity.

As an insurance company, this is exactly what we want to offer you. That’s why you’ll find a content hub in the Safe Place tab of our Getsafe App with helpful, exciting and interesting content for all situations in life.

Getsafe’s app preview - Safe Place

The Insurance App

Take out insurance, upgrade it and file claims: from now on, you can manage your insurance centrally from your smartphone.

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Easily adjust your coverage

Life happens at a fast pace. Getsafe adapts instantly. Change your insurance within seconds, whenever you need it.

Getsafe’s app preview - customize your coverage

Your Profile

Down with filing cabinets and folders: your insurance documents are conveniently accessible in our app.

Getsafe's app preview - Your Profile

File your claims instantly

File your claims instantly inside the App. We’ll send you the money as soon as possible.