We explain everything you need to know about insurance – in a simple and understandable way!


Accidental damage

In the context of contents insurance, accidental damage is cover for damage that you cause accidentally to your own belongings.



If you cause damage, you must report it to your insurance company. In case of damage, we will cover the costs.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers your own belongings in your home and will compensate you should they become damaged or stolen.

Contents insurance cover

Contents insurance covers your possessions inside your home against insured risks, such as fire, water leaks, and burglary.



Your excess for contents insurance is the amount you pay yourself in the event of claim.


Home emergency

Home emergency is an additional cover that supports you, should your home become uninhabitable and require temporary accommodation, for example.


Legal cover

Some insurers offer legal cover as an extension to your contents insurance. A legal cover is there to protect you in cases of legal ramifications.


Personal Possessions

Personal possessions insurance covers belongings you take with you outside of your home.


Renters contents insurance

Contents insurance for renters, often called tenant liability, is a policy that covers you for damage to your landlord’s property in your rented home.

Student contents insurance

Contents insurance for students can protect your possessions against insured risk such as water or fire damage.

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