Contents Extension

Accidental Damage

  • Cover accidental damage to your belongings
  • 0% paperwork - 100% app
  • Complete flexibility

Extension from £3.24 / month*
(Price includes contents basic + extensions)

  • Cover accidental damage to your belongings

    Even at home, mishaps can happen. Cover your household possessions from accidental damage.

  • Easy as pie

    Simply report the damage within 15 days via our app.

  • Complete flexibility

    Manage everything on your mobile phone – any time, any place.

Our Tariff

Your clumsiness is your strength? Mishaps can happen anytime, at any place - especially at home. This is why our Accidental Damage extension is the best choice for you.


Your Benefits

  • Cover accidental damage to your personal possessions and household items
  • Adapt your coverage, simply via the Getsafe app
  • Cancel anytime, free of charge

from £3.24 / month*

Damage Examples


Every morning you prepare yourself a smoothie for breakfast. Just as you are about to enter the dining room, you stumble over your son's toy car and spill the smoothie all over your white designer carpet. Misfortunes like this are covered by our Accidental Damage extension.

icon of a strawberry milkshake

Better safe than sorry

The semester is coming to an end and the exams are just around the corner. During your daily study session, you decide to get a coffee. Just as you are about to take a sip, the doorbell suddenly rings. This scares you so much that you drop your whole mug on your computer. Luckily, you got the Accidental Damage extension, which means that we will cover the costs.

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What's covered?

Accidental Damage to your contents
Single, sudden, unexpected physical damage or loss, which was not deliberate
All those little mishaps that can happen to your contents every day

What's not?

Damage caused by pets
Damage due to faulty materials, poor workmanship or design
Damage to your items while moving home, unless they have been packed and/or moved by professional packers

*Terms and conditions apply