• Protect your personal belongings in your home
  • 0% paperwork - 100% app
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from £2.71 / month*

Accurate as of 01/03/2021

  • Covers your belongings

    Contents insurance pays if your belongings are damaged.

  • Damage caused by fire, water, storm, burglary

    Contents insurance covers damage through risks like broken water pipes or storm or hail.

  • For tenants & home owners

    The term contents refers to your belongings in your home, whether you rent or own your house or flat.

Our Tariff

We take care of your belongings if they are damaged, for example by fire or mains water.

Getsafe contents insurance is always at your side through the app. In case something goes wrong, you can report the damage on the spot. We will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Insurance terms

Your Benefits

  • Up to £100,000 coverage
  • 24/7 always-on support in the app
  • Cancel anytime, free of charge

from £2.71 / month*


Accidental Damage - your household possessions are covered against costly mishaps, such as dropping your laptop at home or spilling red wine on your carpet.

Personal Possessions - has you covered if something happens to your personal belongings outside of your insured home.

Legal Protection - make sure you're covered in case you're in a legal dispute.

Home Emergency - protect your home and get emergency assistance for blocked drains, boiler breakdowns and electrical failure.

Tenants Liability - additional cover in the event of any accidental damage to your landlord's property.

What's covered?

Your personal belongings in your home
When they are damaged, destroyed or stolen
Your liability to other people
Occupier’s and personal liability
Visitors’ possessions
Damage occurring at your home, provided they are not insured elsewhere
Money cover
Covers against loss or damage occurring at any location within the United Kingdom
Lock replacement
To maintain the security in your home
Business equipment
Damages to computers, laptops, phone equipment, digital accessories and office furniture
Contents outside
Retrieving personal data
As a result of a covered damage to your computer
Refrigerated food and drink
When damaged due to a change in temperature
Weddings and religious festivals
Damage to gifts and food in your home relating to a wedding or religious festival
Fixed domestic water and heating installation
Damages caused by an escape of water or oil from any fixed domestic water or heating installation

What's not?

Gradual damage
Like wear and tear, rust, rot, fungus, mould
Damage caused by animals
Including vermin, but also your own pets
Damage caused by weather and nature
To items that are not stored within a building of standard construction
Commercial damage
Damage arising from or in connection to your business, trade or profession
Damage caused by inherent defects, faulty setup or usage
Including faulty materials, defective design or user-related errors
The amount of your excess
As stated in your schedule

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