Contents Extension

Personal Possessions

  • Cover personal possessions outside of your home
  • Cover bicycle theft
  • Worldwide coverage

Extension from £3.66 / month*
(Price includes contents basic + extensions)

  • Cover personal possessions outside of your home

    We cover the costs if an insured item is stolen – even outside of your home.

  • Completely flexible

    Manage everything on your mobile phone – any time, any place

  • Worldwide coverage

    Even outside of the UK, your personal belongings are protected for up to 60 days.

Our Tariff

If your personal possessions hold a special place in your heart, then you’ll want to protect them. Our Personal Possessions extension takes care of your most beloved items outside of your home.


Your Benefits

  • Never worry about leaving your bicycle locked on the streets again
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Cancel anytime, free of charge

from £3.66 / month*

Damage Examples

On holiday!

You are spending a longer holiday in Spain. Like every day, you take a little walk at night. You come home and notice that your bag has a hole - all your money has fallen out. Fortunately, even outside the UK our Personal Possessions extensions covers such cases for up to 60 days.

beach umbrella

Better safe than sorry

You have bought a new bike, which you take for a spin. After a long ride in midsummer, you decide to take a break and jump into the lake. You lock your bike securely on a bicycle stand with a lock. An hour has passed and by the time you come back, your bike is no longer there. Luckily, stolen unattended cycles are covered in your Personal Possessions extension.

icon of a bike

What's covered?

Your personal belongings outside of your home
Up to £2,000 per item
See exceptions below
Bicycles up to £500 (per bicycle)
Limitations apply to loss and damage of a bicycle
Theft from unattended motor vehicles
International coverage
Temporarily away from your home anywhere in the rest of the world for up to 60 consecutive days

What's not?

Damage to any sports equipment or musical instruments while in use
Loss or damage to cycles whilst racing or while being used professionally
Loss or damage to cycles occurring outside of the United Kingdom
Loss of money confiscated by officials

*Terms and conditions apply