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  • Customer Engagement

    A new channel of communication to increase touchpoints with your customers

  • Boost Sales

    Increase your revenue through additional value insurance offerings

  • Easy Integration

    Getsafe insurance can be integrated easily into any app or website

  • Additional Value

    Improve your customer experience by offering unique additional value product

We care about your customers

  • Fully-digital insurance experience
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Free daily cancellation
  • No admin fees
  • Claim management on the Getsafe app 24/7
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What our partners say:


"We allow students to book their accommodation instantly online, so it made sense for us to partner with Getsafe, who are doing the same in the insurance space. We've enjoyed working with the Getsafe team to launch insurance credit for all of our customers." - James Pratley, Brand Executive, Housemates.io


"When helping customers settle into their new homes, besides utilities, insurance is the most common inquiry we get. Thanks to Getsafe our customers can finally access the coverage they need and best of all - it can be managed from the convenience of their smartphones!" - Ginters Smiltnieks, Marketing and Operations Executive, Please Connect Me.

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