Fighting back against bike theft

Protect your bike in an era where theft is becoming more common


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Getting your bike stolen is an absolute nightmare – something you’ll agree with if it’s ever happened to you. Unfortunately, bike theft is on the rise in the UK, increasing 66 percent from March 2020 to February 2021. With this issue getting worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer some tips on keeping your bike safe from pesky thieves.

1. Put a lock on it

Yes, this one is obvious. However, locking your bike is the first line of defence against thieves. You also need to get the right type of lock, which many people don’t! Your lock should be robust and difficult to pick or break. Keep in mind that you might have to invest a fair amount in this.

But it’s not just the type of lock that is important. How you lock your bike plays a huge role in preventing theft. Some bikes have a quick-release wheel, which means thieves can remove the wheel the lock is attached to and take the frame. It’s always best to lock the rear wheel to the frame. If you’re extra cautious, you can even use two locks.

All of these measures will act as a huge deterrent to any nefarious ne’er-do-well who plans to steal your bike. It’s unlikely they’ll easily be able to break a quality lock. Trying to do so would also take a while and attract unwanted attention.

2. Register your bike

The second point on this list is perhaps something not everyone considers. Imagine you’ve just got a new bike; you want to hit the road rather than taking care of administrative tasks. Despite this, registering your bike is essential – and much less hassle than you might expect. Simply head to to do it. Once your bike is registered, you stand a higher chance of it being returned to in the event it is stolen, as the authorities have a record of it.

3. Record the key details

In addition to registering your bike, it’s also a great idea to note down its details. Important information to record includes the manufacturer, model, and frame number. You should also take photographs that can be passed on to your insurer or the police. If your bike is stolen, this information will help the authorities process your case more quickly and, with a bit of luck, get your bike back to you.

4. Store your bike smartly

Choosing a secure location for parking your bike is another great tip for reducing the risk of theft. Wherever you keep your bike, you should always lock it. If you’re storing it at home, use a locked room or garage. Firstly, your bike won’t be on display to criminals. Secondly, if someone does want to steal your bike, it’s a lot harder to break into a room and through a

bike lock without being detected. If you’re parking your bike while you’re out and about, try and find a place where security cameras and plenty of people are present. All of these factors should deter thieves and keep your trusty wheels safe.

5. Insure your bike

And finally, the ultimate protection: insurance. While insurance can’t stop your bike from being stolen, the right coverage ensures you’re refunded for your loss. More importantly, it guarantees you won’t be without your bike for long. Getsafe insures bikes with both its standard contents insurance policy and the Personal Possessions extension. Basic contents insurance covers your bike when it is stored at home. If you require greater protection to cover your bike outside of your home, the Personal Possessions extension gives you what you need.

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Author: Jacob