Make your money go further when travelling as a student

7 tips to save you money on holiday


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Traveling can be expensive– especially for students. There are some tips and tricks though which will help you save some money while still having a great time. Here are some of our favourite tips so you can enjoy a holiday on budget.

1. Plan ahead!

Planning your trip thoroughly before setting off can save you tons of money. Researching transportation, such as train tickets, ahead of time will allow you to find the best offer for your journey. You might also want to invest some time on looking for restaurants on Trip Advisor to find some hidden gems, which offer quality food for a low price!

2. Travel off peak

As a student, you enjoy a little more flexibility, so why not use it to your advantage? Some weeks, including summer holidays are more popular for getaways and naturally, also more expensive. To ensure you stay within your budget, check your timetable regularly to find days to gather some friends and go on a road trip!

3. Staycation

While we’re all excited to finally go abroad again, a staycation is a good way to save money. It allows you to save on transportation costs and to explore your home country. The UK has many beautiful (and affordable) bucket list destinations, including Newcastle, Swansea, or the Norfolk Coast.

4. Use public transport

Using a car might seem more attractive at first glance, but switching to public transport instead is not only more relaxing but also cheaper.

Tip: In the UK you can get a young person ticket (16-25) which costs £30 a year and gets you 1/3 off of each train fare you buy.

5. Travel in groups

Traveling in groups will give you the chance to take advantage of group discounts. Whether for transportation, accommodation, or activities, you will most likely find discounted fares for groups. Plus, the more the merrier!

6. Look for discounts

Group discounts are not the only way to save money on holidays. Use voucher and discount sites such as Student Beans or Unidays to find special offers for students, including reduction on entry tickets, flights, or accommodation.

7. Find free activities!

You can always fill your day with plenty of free activities, like exploring the city, going on a hike, or sunbathing in a park. Check out museums or art galleries as well, they often offer free admission or discounted student entry.

We hope some of our tips will help you enjoy the holiday you are looking forward to having. While we cannot enjoy your holiday with you, we can help you feel at peace while on the road with our personal possession cover protecting your valuables when you are away from home.

Author: Jacob