Your guide to Christmas shopping during a pandemic

Christmas is coming! To make sure you’re well equipped with the perfect gifts we’ve compiled some last-minute gift ideas and shopping tips in times of COVID-19.


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Just because Christmas will likely be different this year doesn’t mean you can’t lavish your loved ones with gifts or even treat yourself. With social distancing and restricted numbers of customers in the stores, this year’s Christmas shopping certainly won’t be the same as it used to be. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled some shopping tips and gift ideas that will win you some brownie points with friends and family. Let’s get started with our pandemic shopping tips.

Top Christmas shopping tips

1. Support your locals and use their online services

Many retailers will have felt the pinch during 2020, as a result of lockdown and reduced consumer spending. That’s why shops are really counting on you over this Christmas period. Support your local stores in these difficult times. Fortunately, most have made it easy to do your shopping from the comfort of your home, with options like click and collect or delivery.

2. Give yourself enough time

Many shops and warehouses will run at full capacity over the Christmas period, meaning there may be delivery delays. Make sure you place your orders in good time, so that you don’t turn up to Christmas empty-handed.

3. Take companies up on their seasonal offers and discounts

This is the time of year when many different stores are vying for your attention. They’ll often try to entice you with offers or discounts for new customers. You should definitely make the most of these, as they could make your present budget go further.

4. Shop off-peak

December is the peak season for shopping, and with the shops reopening after almost a month of lockdown, a runup to the stores is expected. So if you want to avoid crowds and

lining up in front of stores, try to go shopping during off-peak hours (ideally in the mornings of workdays). You might also check on extended opening hours, as some stores have announced to open until midnight.

If you are one of those who end up with no presents for your loved ones just a few days before Christmas, check out our top 6 Christmas gift ideas.

Our top 6 last-minute gift ideas

1. Games

Games are a great way to bring the family together (or a way to sneak you out of awkward conversation with your in-laws). With a wide range of games on the market, there should be something suitable for everyone.

2. Video Games

While these are still games, they have a different appeal. Clearly not everyone would be interested in video games or have the means to play them, and yet video games such as Call of Dutyor Cyberpunk 2077have become way more fashionable in recent times and speak to a wider demographic. Plus, according to Oxford studies, it even might enhance wellbeing.

3. Body Cosmetics

If you are really lost and have no idea what to give as a gift, body cosmetics are almost always a good option. There is a whole range of opportunities from hand cream to body lotion or even entire gift sets that can turn your daily routine into a feeling of wellness. And if this is not your field of expertise, certain brands even offer a gift finder tool.

4. Books

Books are almost always a good option, especially during cold winter times and strict pandemic regulations in place. Books can transport you to a whole new world and broaden your mind. And since there are books on just about every topic, they are the perfect option for a thoughtful present. If you are not a book expert yourself and want to play it safe, just check out the UK’s top 10 best-selling books in 2020.

5. Good wine and chocolate

In case you need a good last minute present, chocolateand good wine is something almost everyone can find a use for. After all, many of us love to overindulge at Christmas! Gifts like these are often the perfect treat during the festive season.

6. Socks

The king of Christmas presents! For many, it wouldn’t be Christmas without receiving a pair of socks! Socks are trending and actually a cool gift idea. There are plenty of striking designs so why not get someone a pair of socks? It’s often a talking point!

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