We take care of your belongings if they are damaged, for example by fire or tap water.

Why Get Contents Insurance?

  • Covers Your Belongings

    Contents insurance pays if your property is damaged by an insured risk.

  • Damage Caused By Fire, Water, Storm, Burglary

    Contents insurance covers damage through risks like broken water pipes or storm or hail.

  • For Tenants And Home Owners

    The term contents refers to your belongings in your home, whether you rent or own your house or apartment.

Our Tariff

Getsafe contents insurance is always at your side through the app. In case something goes wrong, you can report the damage on the spot. We will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Getsafe Contens Insurance

  • Covers Your Belongings
  • Damage caused by fire, water, storm, burglary
  • Even in case of gross negligence
  • For stays abroad of up to six months

Available Extensions

Sometimes, stuff happens to your valuables, glazed furniture, mirrors, or ceran hob. With our extensions Premium and Glass, you won't have to worry about a thing.

  • Premium

    from €0.45 per month

  • Glass

    from €1.97 per month

What's covered?

Gross negligence
Up to 100% of the insured sum
External insurance
Up to 6 months
Up to 30% of the insured sum
Overvoltage damages
Cash (outside a safe)
Up to 1,500€
Theft from your vehicle
Up to 2,000€
Damage through phishing
Up to 1,000€

What's not covered?

Glass damages
Allotment garden
Damages through pets
Liability claims
Valuables and optical devices in your car


Why do I need a contents insurance?
What is part of my contents?
What is the insured sum?
How do I calculate the correct insured sum?
When am I underinsured? What is the underinsurance waiver?
How do I calculate the right insured living space?
Is my family insured as well?
Does my insurance also apply outside my home?
Am I also protected while travelling (abroad) ?
Why do I need a glass insurance?

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    25.05.2020 – Google play store

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