250,000 of financial cover
✓ Compensation for the value of a new item
✓ Cover even in cases of gross negligence

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With Getsafe, you can save up to 60% compared with your current insurer

Put simply, Getsafe Contents insurance is cheap! But thats not all. With Getsafe, your prized possessions are in safe hands. Benefit comprehensive protection against risks like fire, storms, and break-ins.

But how is this possible? At Getsafe, we use the latest technology to offer you the best prices. You can manage everything in our app and save money. So, what are you waiting for?

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Getsafe Contents insurance covers your belongings within your home against insured risks. Household contents include furniture, electronic devices, and clothes. Imagine it this way:
You turn your home upside down. Anything that falls typically would count as household contents. However, keep in mind that the way your belongings become damaged is important. They are only covered against insured risks, such as fire, storms, or burglary. If your possessions are damaged by an insured risk, we cover the costs.


Getsafe Premium

Insured items
Insured risks
Insured costs

Insured items

Insured items are items you use in your home that belong to you:

Insured items

Furnishings, furniture, clothing, and household appliances
Valuables and cash (locked in a safe)
Cash (not in a safe)
Jewelry, precious stones, watches (not in a safe)
Documents and commercial paper (not in a safe)
Items in a second home for professional purposes
Wholesale goods and sample collections
Vehicle parts and accessories

Insured places

At home
When you’re away


We take care of damage to glazed furniture, mirrors, and ceramic cooking hobs so that you don’t have to shed a tear.



Your Getsafe Contents insurance covers your belongings in your home. Why not insure your means of getting from A to B too?



Coming soon!
Do you require an extra level of protection for your belongings? Soon, you can extend your contents insurance policy to cover damage caused by natural hazards like heavy rain, earthquakes, and avalanches.


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You can expect the following differences if you opt for the Comfort tariff:

The amount you’re insured for
Insured items
Insured places
Damage caused by other factors


Transparency is important to us. That’s why we want to honest with you. These types of damage are not covered by Getsafe Contents insurance.

What is not covered
Furniture in your home that doesn't belong to you
In furnished rented properties, for example
Glass – only covered with the glass policy extension
Protect windows, mirrors, and more with the glass policy extension
Valuables in your car
Jewellery and certain valuables left in your car are not insured
Cars, boats, and aircraft
Including trailers and other accessories
Damages that aren't covered
Damage caused by pets
Pets don't count as an insured risk
Theft of possessions not considered burglary isn't covered
Uninsured water damage
Damage as a result of cleaning and groundwater
Uninsured risks
Landslides, avalanches, heavy rain, and other forces of nature
These are only covered with the natural hazards extension


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Amount insured


The amount you’re insured for usually relates to the size of your home. This isn’t the case with Getsafe! If you make a claim, we cover you for up to €250,000 – regardless of how big your home is. And the best part? This makes no difference to your monthly premium.

image-phone screen original item value

Original item value


Was your laptop stolen? Or maybe your dining table was damaged? No problem! If you make a claim, we’ll cover your possessions for the value they had when they were new.

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Even if you were extremely careless or not careful enough, you are 100% covered. For example, if you leave a candle burning unattended and it results in damage to your household contents, we will cover the costs!




You thought of all security measures before leaving your house. Your windows are closed and the doors are locked. Unfortunately, that doesn't bother the thief. They break down your front door, rummage through your belongings, and make off with your new laptop, jewelry and cash. Fortunately, we will compensate you for the replacement value of the stolen laptop, cash for up to €1,500, and your jewelry for up to €5,000, as well as the cost of repairing the damaged door.

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Water damage

Sunday is cleaning and washing day! First you tackle the kitchen and turn on the dishwasher. After that, you take on the rest of the apartment. After two hours, you finally want to put the dishes away. You go to the kitchen and find that the whole kitchen is covered in water. Your dishwasher has leaked! All the kitchen furniture and appliances are now damaged. Don't worry, your Getsafe Contents insurance will take care of it.

image-burning coffee machine

Fire in the kitchen

One morning you make yourself a cup of coffee with your coffee maker. Suddenly you realise that you are out of coffee. You decide to quickly go to the store next door to get some. You forget to unplug the coffee maker. Unfortunately, your coffee maker has a defect and starts a fire in your absence! The fire can be extinguished in time, but your entire kitchen is damaged. Fortunately, your insurance will cover this type of damage.



Getsafe offers you the option to contribute to the costs of any claim. This is known as an excess or deductible. You might wonder why this option exists, but the answer is quite simple. The higher excess you choose when purchasing insurance, the lower your premium will be. You can choose from an excess of 0, 250, or 500.

You can find out more about how the excess works in this document.


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Whether you have questions about Getsafe or need to make a car insurance claim, our team is always happy to help. Simply give us a call or send us an email. Our Customer Service team speaks both German and English and will gladly take care of your queries.

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For those of you, who want to know specifically what the Getsafe Contents insurance is about, here are the most important documents:

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