Contents Extension


  • Covered: Windows, mirrors, furniture
  • Covered: Ceramic cooking hobs
  • Daily cancellation

from €3.72 / month

  • Cover your fragile belongings

    Never worry about breaking glass items in your home again.

  • Coverage for your kitchen

    Protect ceramic cooking hobs against damage.

  • On your terms

    Opt for insurance that's as flexible as your lifestyle, with the option to cancel at any time.

Our Tariff

You don’t have to act like your possessions are made of glass – even if some of them are – thanks to the Getsafe Glass extension

The glass insurance is an extension of the contents insurance. For you, this means not only broken glass will be covered but also your contents.

Your Benefits

  • Protect your most fragile possessions made out of glass
  • Cover typical household items like ceramic hobs and glass panels in the shower
  • Insure glass objects inside your home as well as on your home’s exterior

from €3.72 / month

Damage Examples

Glass Table

While you're at home, a loose light fitting falls from the ceiling into your fancy glass table, smashing it. Here, your Glass extension comes to the rescue by refunding your loss.

icon of a dinner table

Ceramic Cooking Hub

You reach for a cooking pot on a high shelf, which slips through your fingers and smashes the new ceramic cooking hob you bought.

cooking pot

What's covered?

Damaged or broken glass
When an item is broken due to damaged glass
Glass-ceramnic cooking tops
Including electric cooking appliances
Glazing on buildings
Glass and artificial glass panels on buildings
Glazed furniture
Such as mirrors or glass panels on display cabinets
Glass panels on aquariums and terrariums

What's not?

Multi-pane insulating glass with leaking edge joints
"If damage occurs due to wear and tear and manufacturing or glazing defects"
Photovoltaic/solar panels
Damage such as scratches, chips, and similar defects
On glazed surfaces and edges

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