Up to 100% cost reimbursement for treatment
✓ Payments within 48 hours
✓ Up to €80 per year for dental cleaning

Outstanding insurance from Getsafe


Dental treatment
Professional dental cleaning
Tooth replacement
100% reimbursement of costs
Nothing stands in the way of that perfect smile! We cover 100% of the costs for dental treatments such as fillings, root canal and periodontal treatments.
Root canal treatment
Periodontal treatment




Transparency is important to us. That’s why we want to honest with you. These types of damage are not covered by Getsafe Dental insurance:

Treatment before your coverage begins
Advised, planned, or started treatment
People with private health insurance
Private health insurance may already include the benefits offered by this policy
Martial arts and professional sport injuries
Injuries and their consequences are not covered
Illness or accidents as a result of intentional actions
If you ride a bike while intoxicated and crash, for example.
Alternative and complementary medicine
For example, homeopathy or osteopathy




No waiting times for teeth cleaning

The waiting period is the time between when your contracts starts and your insurance coverage begins. The start of your contract is when you purchase insurance. The insurance coverage start is when you can access all services offered by your policy. In certain situations, waiting times dont apply. You can use the following services as soon as your contract begins:
- Professional dental cleaning
- Caries/teeth decay diagnosis
- Fissure sealing
- Accidents

Other services have a waiting period of three months. Once you have purchased your Getsafe Dental insurance, your coverage will only be fully active after these three months.



For the first 4 years

We want to be honest with you: Getsafe Dental uses a dental claims scale. This means that in the first four years of the policy, there are financial limits apply to treatments. After these four years, the limits no longer exist.

The dental claims scale doesn’t apply if you had an accident and need treatment. In this situation, you can claim a full refund.

App Coverage Screen


As a Getsafe customer, you can upload your invoices via app. Its that simple. Our chatbot takes you through the process step by step. And the best part? You receive payment within 48 hours.

Not got the app yet? You can download it here:


Why do I need dental insurance?
What kind of costs would I have to pay if I decide to do without dental insurance?
What should I be aware of if I require dental work?
When will my policy become active?
Will you cover the costs of procedures which my dentist has already advised/begun?
Do I have a minimum contract period?
Does my premium change – and if so, how?
What is the dental cost scale?
Do waiting times apply to me?


For those of you, who want to know specifically what the Getsafe Dental insurance is about, here are the most important documents:

Benefits Overview


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