Dog Liability

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Daily cancellation
  • Covered dog guardians: family and friends

from €2.50 / month

  • Important for all dog owners

    If your dog inadvertently causes chaos, we will back you up financially.

  • Compulsory in some states

    Dog owners in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Thuringia must have this insurance.

  • Personal injury, property damage, and financial losses

    Dog liability insurance covers a variety of damages.

Our Tariff

If you own a dog, you already know the kind of mischief your pet can cause. Get your pawfect coverage now.

Getsafe dog liability insurance is always at your side through the app. In case something goes wrong, you can report the damage on the spot. We will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Your Benefits

  • Covered dog guardians: family and friends
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Daily cancellation
  • Premium extension available

from €2.50 / month


If you own a dog, you already know the kind of mischief your pet can cause. With the Premium extension you can be sure to get the best conditions that are available among many other advantages.

What's covered?

Worldwide coverage
EU unlimited, worldwide up to 5 years
Insured persons:
Dog owner
If your dog has done something wrong
Dog sitter
If claims against the dog sitter arise
Dog sitter claims against the dog owner
If your dog bit the dog sitter
Insured pets:
Your dogs
You can insure up to ten dogs
Your dog's puppies
Co-insured for up to 12 months
Insured damage:
Personal injuries
When your dog injures a person
Damage to someone else's property
When your dog damages an object
Financial losses
As a result of a dog bite, for example
Damage to rental property
Also on mobile furnishings
Compensation for unplanned mating
Intentional and unintentional mating
Damage caused by animal excreta
In your rented apartment, for example
Damage to carriages, such as sleds
When the dogs are used as draft animals
Insured activities:
Participation in events
If this does not generate income

What's not?

Specific dog breeds
Some dog breeds are excluded from insurance cover
Damage to you or your property
Caused by your dog
Damage that occurs over a longer period of time
Such as scratches in parquet flooring
Glass damage
Such as glass doors or mirrors
Damage to heating, mechanical, boiler and water heating installations and to electrical and gas appliances
And all resulting financial losses
Damage to family members
For this you need accident insurance

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After my dog died, I got myself another dog. Is this automatically insured?
I'm taking my dog on vacation. Does the insurance cover also apply abroad?

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