• Covers partners in the same household
  • Children are covered
  • Daily cancellation

from €5.90 / month

  • Extended protection

    Mishaps happen to everyone. That is why we always have your back when the people living in your household cause damage.

  • Guests are covered

    Beside your family we also cover people who stay with you for a short time, such as au pair or exchange students.

  • Complete flexibility

    Manage everything on your mobile phone – any time & any place.

Our Tariff

If you want to protect your loved ones as well, then our liability insurance is the best choice you can make. You can easily add their names to your policy in the Getsafe app.


Your Benefits

  • Protects partners & children living in your household
  • Protects your family in care facilities
  • Protects persons who are not liable to crime

from €5.90 / month

damage examples

With friends

You are visiting friends. While you're not watching, your 4-year-old child takes your friend's expensive watch and drops it in the toilet.

Fortunately, you are completely covered by your liability insurance.

At school

Your daughter is studying at university and is living on her own. During a study session she accidentally spills her apple juice on her friend's new computer.

No worries, we take care of the damage.

What's covered?

€50 million of coverage
The maximum payout for a claim
Property damage
Up to €50 million
Personal damage
Up to €50 million
Purchase price payouts
Compensation of the original price paid for up to 12 months and €3,000
Temporary members of your household
Au pairs, for example
Uninsured third party protection
Up to €50 million
Damage to third parties during loading or unloading
Using your own vehicle
Lock change
Following a loss of keys
Work keys
If a lock change is required
Asset damages
Up to €50 million
Rental property damage
Up to €50 million
Rented rooms for commercial purposes
If liability claims arise in these premises
Tame animals and small wild animals
Up to €50 million

What's not?

Damage to your property caused by yourself
Your own dogs or horses
Glass damage in rented living spaces
Car accidents
Damage from deterioration
Damages to insurance members
Damage in your professional environment
Simple key loss

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