customers love Getsafe! Reach millennials now with digital services.

  • E-Commerce

    Offer a holistic experience to your customers and tie them even closer to your brand.

  • Employer Branding

    Unique benefits that are customized towards millennials.

  • Real Estate

    As soon as the contract is closed you can offer the right insurance products.

  • Financial Services

    Get more out of your transaction data and offer always the right coverage to your customers.

  • IoT

    Everything is connected - just like our coverage.

  • Telecommunication

    Together we can offer on demand service, right when the customer needs it.


Award winning bike insurance.

The Design & Innovation Award is the seal of approval for cutting edge bike products.


Meet Teodora. She is our Senior Partnerships Manager overlooking the UK and German markets. Teodora helps our partners to boost their sales performance and increase customer touch-points through additional value insurance offerings. Reach out to her to learn more about Getsafe's innovative insurance propositions.

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