Earth Day 2022 – how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle

To mark Earth Day, our Getsafees share their top tips on how to live more sustainably

3 minute read2022-04-21
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Every year on Earth Day, people around the world get involved in creative projects to raise awareness of urgent environmental issues and the need to protect our planet. To support this vital mission, we’ve taken a look at what Earth Day is all about and have asked our Getsafees to share some simple, actionable tips for a greener lifestyle.

What is Earth Day?

Observed by more than 175 countries, Earth Day is a global campaign that takes place annually on 22 April. It is dedicated to a different theme each year and the diverse array of activities organised to celebrate the event generally revolve around topical issues, such as our diet, sustainable fashion, the climate and saving resources.

But regardless of the theme chosen each year, Earth Day’s overriding aim is to encourage us to appreciate and take better care of our planet.

What is the story behind Earth Day?

Earth Day started out as a student initiative in the USA in 1970. Its aim was to get people talking about the environment and the need to protect it. The campaign was a resounding success, pushing environmental issues into the political spotlight and eventually sparking an international movement. After the very first Earth Day on 22 April 1970, the USA even passed its first major environmental laws.

Today, Earth Day inspires millions of people each year to organise campaigns on improving sustainability, combatting climate change and respecting our planet.

Why is Earth Day so important?

Earth Day celebrations are a fantastic way of getting young people involved in creative environmental projects. Many schools, universities and public associations do something in recognition of the event every year.

Earth Day is also used as an occasion to encourage donations to help campaigners meet crucial environmental objectives.

But ultimately, Earth Day is all about encouraging us to rethink our behaviour as consumers – not just on one day of the year, but all year round. The campaign is a brilliant opportunity to reflect on how we can make our everyday lives more sustainable with just a few simple tweaks.

Top tips from our Getsafees

To help you make a difference, we asked our Getsafees to share their top tips for protecting the environment. Read on to see just how easy it can be to lead a greener lifestyle.

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