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Legal expense insurance – your safety net in everyday life. Here is everything you need to know about it


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Fighting isn’t nice – yet sometimes it has to happen. A controversial car accident, trouble with the landlord, an unjustified termination… Especially if you are in the right (or at least believe it), the assistance of a lawyer is often worthwhile. If no agreement can be reached, a lawyer will represent your interests in court and defend your rights.

Legal expense insurance: you have a right to your right!

However, young people in particular are likely to shy away from professional legal help and advice. Reasons for this are the lawyer’s costs as well as the litigation costs. These costs can be quite high depending on the characteristics of the case and the amount in dispute.

  • Legal expense insurance protects you from high attorney costs as well as litigation costs. It covers costs incurred in the course of legal disputes.
  • In general, you can put together your legal insurance from various modules (e.g. private, traffic, profession) – depending on what you are interested in covering. This is how you can save money.

When do I need legal expense insurance?

Imagine you booked a great vacation at a travel agency. Unfortunately, it turns out on site that the hotel does not meet the expected standard. Also, you might get into a small car accident. Furthermore, you are sure that you are not the one to blame – but your accident opponent thinks the same about himself.

Here is the issue: In court it does not count whether you are right – but whether you can enforce your right! Your lawyer can be the decisive role in getting justice. He is aware of the legal situation and knows comparable cases. Besides, he is the one who knows how to argue in court and when it is worth to remain quiet.

What is covered with private legal protection?

A private legal expense insurance protects you from a great deal of annoyance in everyday life. Stupid things can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. A dispute with your neighbor, an online shop won’t refund your money after you have properly returned your purchase or you break something that doesn’t belong to you… Your private legal insurance lets you sleep peacefully. Another big advantage: your lawyer will keep any annoying paperwork away from you and will also ensure that no argument falls under the table. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What is traffic legal protection?

Whenever two people have a dispute, it is often not too easy to find the person to blame. This is especially the case in road traffic. Traffic accidents happen within seconds and often the exact cause of the accident cannot be reconstructed. Then, for example, an expert must be consulted or you might want to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. By the way, you should always do this with more expensive damages – no matter whether you have been damaged or are the one to blame.

Since very expensive property damage or even personal injury can quickly occur in road traffic, it has a high potential to really hurt your financial planning! A legal expense insurance with traffic protection protects you from high litigation costs and lets you relax in stressful traffic – isn’t that what we are all looking for?

What is disciplinary and professional conduct law?

In Germany, disciplinary and professional conduct law are special types of professional law that apply to very specific job groups. Civil servants, soldiers (including people doing voluntary military service), judges and notaries are subject to disciplinary law. Professional conduct law applies to self-employed persons and freelancers such as architects, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and tax advisors. The respective professional associations can take legal action against them before the Court of Honour. In the event of a lawsuit, legal expenses insurance provides them with financial backing.

Professional legal protection: Protects against trouble at the workplace

Unpleasant situations might also occur at the workplace. It is not unusual for disputes between employers and employees to go to court. Legal expense insurance with professional legal protection ensures you to have a confident appearance towards your employer at your workplace – without fear of high legal costs. Obviously this also applies to internships and part-time jobs, where employers might violate your contract.

How do I find a good legal expense insurance?

  • The costs vary depending on the scope of services, duration, deductible and payment period.
  • Therefore, you should really consider which areas suit your needs
  • It is important that the legal protection goes into effect as soon as possible. Always try to avoid a waiting period!

Remember: Legal expense insurance is not a luxurious good, but a useful addition to your insurance package. The earlier you decide to get coverage, the better – it protects you and your wallet from unpleasant surprises.

Do you have any questions on legal expense insurance? Our Getsafe team will be happy to help you.

Do you have any questions? Contact us. The Getsafe team will be happy to advise you. Send an email to [email protected].

Stay safe!

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