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Vrooom! With our new car insurance, you get full flexibility, great value and up to five additional named drivers for free

3 minute read2020-10-30
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We can hardly believe it ourselves. We launched the first car insurance specifically developed for smartphones! This is a real milestone for us and an important part of your insurance coverage.

We know you love your car. But we want you to love your car insurance too. That’s why we took a special development approach and designed the insurance together with our customers. This article explains how we did that and what was so special about this project.

Making car insurance enjoyable

Having your own car means being free and connected. You have the independence and flexibility to drive wherever you like, whenever you like. Your car quickly gets you from A to B, connects you with other people and creates wonderful experiences. In case anything happens while you’re on the road, your car insurance is there for you. In Germany, like in many other countries, it is mandatory.

The problem is that buying car insurance is a pain. You need to gather lots of information and answer a seemingly endless series of questions. And then there’s the complicated insurance jargon… even the thought of it is enough to make you yawn.

We wanted to change all of that. Not alone, but together with our customers. Because what’s the use of yet another average, run-of-the-mill car insurance?

That’s why we asked our customers to get involved. What do you find annoying about car insurance? What is important to you? What should the insurance cost and what do you expect from us when we develop a new car insurance product?

Developing insurance based on customer wishes

Out of the customers we surveyed, over 63 percent wanted an insurance policy that doesn’t get more expensive each year. We agree. 62 percent wanted the price of their insurance to remain the same, even after they have an accident. 39 percent would like to insure their friends and family on the same policy. Across the board, respondents demanded flexibility from their insurance, with no lengthy fixed terms and annoying paperwork.

We’re extremely proud to say that we were able to answer these wishes. Here are the details on our new car insurance:

No-claims bonus

We can all agree that if you haven’t made any previous claims, this should be reflected in the cost of your car insurance. For every year that you don’t make a claim, you receive a voucher that makes your monthly insurance premium even cheaper.

Up to 5 additional named drivers, free of charge

Nothing is more annoying than having to repeatedly contact your insurer to ask who is allowed to drive your car and when and where are they insured. With our car insurance, you can add up to five named drivers, aged 25 and over, to your policy – completely free of charge. So you can lean back, relax and let your friends and family do the driving.

100% flexibility with the app

Kilometres driven, co-insured drivers, personal details – it only takes seconds to update your information in the app, at no extra cost. Using your smartphone, you can quickly and easily buy insurance, file claims and manage your coverage in real-time. You can even use the app to cancel your insurance at any time.

Sounds good? Then take a closer at our car insurance

Stay safe!

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Author: Maxine