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Home Emergency

  • Cover failure of electrical and water supplies
  • Get overnight accommodation in case of an emergency
  • Get rid of any pest infestations inside your home
  • Darkness everywhere

    We are here to help if the electrical supply or other core appliances in your home fail.

  • Short excursion

    An emergency makes your flat uninhabitable? We will help cover the costs for an overnight stay.

Our Tariff

Your home is your happy place?

It should remain that way! This is why we take care of your beloved home. The Home Emergency extension will cover the costs of unfortunate mishaps that happen in your home. Simply report the damage via your Getsafe app and we will then take over and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Your Benefits

  • Get assistance in case of emergency damage
  • Cover pest infestation
  • Cancel anytime, free of charge

from £4.49 / month*

Damage Examples

Hornet Party

One morning you decide to clean up the attic until you discover a huge hornets' nest on the wall inside your house. Your Getsafe Home Emergency extension will cover the cost of removing the nest.

icon of a bee


This winter is particularly cold. Unfortunately, your main source of heating has failed which leaves you without hot water or heating in your flat. It turns out that the boiler is damaged and cannot be repaired. Luckily, your Getsafe extension will cover the cost of a new boiler and the overnight stay in a warmer accommodation.

Icon of a snowflake

What's covered?

External water supply pipes
Provided that you are legally responsible for this section of pipe.
Plumbing and drainage
Provided that you are legally responsible for internal plumbing and drainage or underground external drainage.
The failure of the main source of heating in your home.
Electrical supply
The failure of the electrical supply to your home.
Emergency gas supply pipe
Leakage of the internal gas supply pipe in your home.
Security, roofing, lost keys and pests
Emergency accommodation
In the event that your home becomes uninhabitable overnight as a result of an emergency.

What's not?

Damage occuring outside the boundaries of your home
Damage caused by pests
Repair to any system that has not been regularly maintained or serviced

*Terms and conditions apply