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Special right
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Insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about the special right to termination in this glossary article.

    When can I cancel or switch my car insurance policy?

    Normally, you can only switch or cancel your car insurance policy during switcher season. This is usually from the start of November to the end of the month. If you miss this deadline, your insurance policy will automatically renew and you won't be able to switch or cancel until November of the following year. However, a special right to termination exists, which enables you to cancel or switch outside of the standard switcher season.

    How long is the notice period for car insurance?

    Most insurers have a cancellation period of one month. This means that you can cancel your car insurance until the 30th November! If you do not cancel in time, your contract will automatically be extended by one year.

    When does my special right to termination apply?

    When does my special right to termination apply? Your special right to termination for car insurance applies in three instances. These are:

    If your premium increases

    In some situations, your insurer may increase your premium – even if you haven't made a claim. If this happens, you don't have to stick with your current provider and can switch car insurance policies outside of the normal cancellation period.

    If you make a claim

    With most insurers (but not Getsafe), your premium will increase if you make a claim. The increase could be significant. Therefore, if you're not happy with your new price, you can find another provider.

    If you change vehicle

    If you purchase a used car, the previous owner's insurance policy is normally transferred over to you. If you don't want to stick with this policy, you can search for another provider that better suits your needs.

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