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Insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about secondary car insurance in this glossary article.

    When do I need secondary car insurance?

    Your life circumstances can change at any time. Imagine your child has got their driving license and plans to get their own car. Or maybe you need a second car for commuting because your partner has changed jobs. In all these cases, you can cover your second car with secondary car insurance. You can decide for yourself whether you insure them with the same provider or with a different one.

    What does secondary car insurance cost?

    If you insure a second car, the same conditions and rules apply as for the first car. This means that different factors such as the type class, regional class or the age of your vehicle are taken into account when calculating your insurance premium. You can find out exactly how the price of your car insurance is made up here.

    How many vehicles can I insure as a second car?

    With the secondary car insurance, you can insure as many vehicles as you want. So it doesn't matter if you want to insure one or 10 secondary cars. There is a separate insurance policy for each vehicle. The no-claims class is also calculated separately for each car.

    Should I insure my child's vehicle as a second car?

    New drivers usually start in SF class 0, so it is not advisable to register the car directly in your child's name, as this can be quite expensive. It is better to cover the vehicle with the secondary car insurance in your name first. A separate insurance contract will be created for the second car. After a few years, the contract can finally be transferred to your child. Your child therefore has the option of taking SF classes once they have a driving license. Do you want to know when and how you can take over or transfer no-claims classes? You can find more information here.

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