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Regional Class

Insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about the regional classes in this glossary article.

    What is a regional class in car insurance?

    A regional class indicates how high the probability is in a region that an accident will occur and how high the costs of the damage could be. This region is also known as the registration district. The regional class therefore determines how likely it is that you will cause an accident with your car and what the costs will be.

    The higher the probability that you will cause an accident in your region, the higher your regional class will be. Similarly, if there are few accidents on average in your region, the lower your regional class.

    How many regional classes are there?

    Different regional classes are defined for third-party liability, as well as for comprehensive coverage, and partial comprehensive coverage:

    • Third-Party Liability: 12
    • Fully Comprehensive Cover: 9
    • Partial Comprehensive Cover: 16

    Remember: If there are few accidents on average in your registration district, you will be classified in a low regional class.

    Where can I find my regional class?

    You can find out which regional class you are currently in by looking at your annual insurance statement. Of course, you can also check online which regional class your registration district is in. The German Insurance Association website provides a detailed overview.

    How does my regional class affect my insurance premium?

    The regional class is one of several factors that affect the price of your insurance. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the price of your car insurance will automatically increase just because you are in a high regional class. It does play a crucial role in the price calculation, but other factors, such as age or type class, are also taken into account. You can find out exactly how the price of your insurance is calculated here.

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