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Partial comprehensive cover for car insurance
Insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about the partial comprehensive coverage in this glossary article.

    What is partial comprehensive cover for car insurance?

    In contrast to third-party liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance are not mandatory in Germany. They serve as additional protection and covers you against damage to your vehicle. Partial comprehensive coverage insures you against some causes of damage to your vehicle that you are not responsible for. This includes, for example, natural hazards, fire, theft and damage caused by animals. However, it will not cover you against damage that you caused to your own vehicle. Third-party liability is also included in this tariff.

    What is covered by partial comprehensive cover?

    Partial comprehensive cover insures the costs of damage to your car that are outside of your control. With Getsafe, these benefits are covered, for example:

    Fire, explosion, and short circuit

    Partial comprehensive coverage insures the costs if your car is damaged or completely destroyed by fire.

    Car theft

    If your vehicle is lost or damaged by theft, robbery or embezzlement, it is covered. Here is an example: If your neighbor takes your vehicle for a spin without your knowledge and it is damaged in the process, partial comprehensive coverage will cover the costs.

    Natural hazards

    Partial comprehensive covers the costs if your vehicle is damaged by storm, hail or flooding. It also covers you in the event of an avalanche, landslides or if the ground under your vehicle breaks away.

    Collision with animals, animal bites and any resulting damage

    You are covered if you hit an animal while driving and this causes damage to your car. Damage caused by animal bites and any resulting damage is also covered. For example, if a marten bites into the cooling tube and causes coolant to slowly leak out, the engine will gradually overheat. Continuous overheating can result in engine damage.

    Broken glass

    If, for example, the windscreen or another window of your vehicle breaks due to a stone chip, partial comprehensive coverage will cover the costs.

    Who should get partial comprehensive cover?

    Whether partial comprehensive cover is a good idea for you depends on the current value of your vehicle. This tariff makes sense if you own an older car and want to insure it against storms, animal bites or broken glass.

    Partial vs. fully comprehensive coverage – what are the differences?

    Partial and fully comprehensive insurance are voluntary car insurance policies in Germany. Here is their main difference:

    Partial comprehensive coverage protects you against damage to your car that you are not responsible for. This includes broken glass, theft or animal bites, for example. We recommend this coverage if you own a car that is more than 5 years old.

    In contrast, fully comprehensive coverage covers the costs for damage you cause to your car yourself, as well as damage caused by vandalism. Fully comprehensive coverage is worthwhile if you own your new car that is no more than 5 years old. You can learn more here about fully comprehensive coverage.

    How much does partial comprehensive cover cost?

    How much partial cover insurance costs varies from insurer to insurer and is always calculated individually. The insurance premium depends on many factors, such as where you live, the type and regional class or your age. Here you can find out how the price of your car insurance is calculated.

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