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Discount Protection

Car insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about discount protection in this glossary article.

    What is discount protection?

    Discount protection is an additional benefit of car insurance that means your bonus-malus (SF) class doesn’t change, even after an accident. With discount protection, you’re allowed to have at least one accident per year. This means that if you cause an accident in a year, you keep your no-claims bonus class and are not downgraded. However, this also means that you will not be upgraded to a higher SF class the following year. As a result, your SF class and car insurance premium remain the same.

    You can choose to add this additional benefit to your third-party or comprehensive coverage. There is no discount protection for the partial comprehensive cover. Why? Because there are no SF classes for this tariff. Partial comprehensive coverage only reimburses you for damage that you are not responsible for. Therefore, your SF class cannot be downgraded.

    What are the requirements for discount protection?

    The minimum SF class that you must have when you apply for discount protection varies from insurance company to insurance company. As a rule, this additional benefit is offered from SF class 4. You also must be older than 23. As a novice driver in SF class 0, you cannot choose discount protection at first. However, as soon as you have reached SF class 4, you can add this benefit.

    When is discount protection a good idea?

    Unfortunately, there is no general answer to the question of whether discount protection makes sense. As a rule, it is worthwhile if you drive your car a lot and own an expensive car with a high type class. Of course, discount protection should also be financially viable for you! Therefore, the following rule of thumb applies: If your insurance premium increases by less than 20% as a result of discount protection, then this additional benefit makes perfect sense!

    Your discount protection at Getsafe

    Other insurers increase your premium considerably because your bonus-malus class (SF-Klasse) is downgraded as a result of an accident. As long as you are with Getsafe, your bonus-malus class won’t be negatively affected. This is why your premium stays the same – even after an accident!

    We’re not a fan of small print, so please read the following carefully: Our priority is that your price remains the same, even after accidents. We will do everything we can to keep this promise. However, it may be that we have to move away from this. A potential reason for this would be if there is an accumulation of claims. This enables us to always guarantee favorable prices for our customers.

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