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EVB Number

Insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about the eVB number in this glossary article.

    What is an eVB (electronic insurance verification) number?

    eVB stands for electronic insurance verification (abbreviation taken from German) and serves as proof of an existing third-party liability. The eVB number is a seven-digit code. This string consists of capital letters and digits and could look like this: GS12345. The first two characters identify the insurance company. The remaining five characters are randomly combined.

    Why do I need an eVB number?

    You need the eVB number for numerous administrative processes, for example when you:

    • register your car (new registration)
    • change the registration of your vehicle (e.g. change of owner)
    • re-register your car after it becomes undrivable
    • apply for a short-term licence plate
    • you have to register your car in another registration district after moving.

    Where can I find the eVB number?

    You can apply for the eVB number free of charge from the insurer with whom you take out the car insurance. The quickest way is to apply for it online. Your insurance company will then provide you with the number by mail, email or SMS.

    How long is the eVB number valid?

    How long your eVB number is valid varies from insurance company to insurance company – but for a maximum of two years. As a rule, it is valid for three to six months. If you have not used your eVB number within this period, it will automatically expire and you will have to apply for a new number.

    Remember: The eVB number is intended for one-time use, after that it expires. It will also expire if you do not use it within the specified period.

    How can I request my eVB number at Getsafe?

    Of course, you can also request your eVB number at Getsafe. However, we can currently only provide eVB numbers if something has to be changed in your vehicle registration document (change of address, change of owner). You can request your eVB number by e-mail or by phone from our Customer Service Team. We will then send you your eVB number by e-mail.

    Our team is there for you Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 20:00. Click here to contact our team by e-mail.

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