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Personalised cover for your offspring
✓ Free consultation
✓ App-based, easy handling

What do my children
get out of this?

Good starting chances
A solid education is the best prerequisite for starting a career and leading a financially carefree life. With child provision, you ensure at an early stage that your children can achieve their goals more easily later on.
Let them have some fun
Not everything has to revolve around the serious side of life. With this financial provision, you can also go on a trip after graduating from high school, take sports courses and engage in other relaxed activities.
A driving licence, a car - your first own flat. With child provision, the path to an independent life is much easier.

Supplementary health insurance extension

Ambulatory, stationary and dental additional benefits such as: Single room, accommodation in hospital for parents, private medical treatment, dental prosthesis and much more.

Income protection extension

Access for your children to an occupational disability insurance without additional health check and at the best conditions.

Continued payment protection extension

Continued payment by the insurer until the age of 27 in the event of the death of the payer of the premium.

What exactly can child provision do?


100% coverage for you
We help you find the exact insurance you need – recommending only coverage that truly makes sense for you. No more, no less. Get fair, high-performance and affordable cover designed to suit your needs.
Expert advice
We believe that you can only make good decisions if you get the whole picture. That’s why our experts are happy to give you advice: free of charge, no strings attached. And without any insurance blah blah.
Curated quotes
We do the hard work reviewing quotes from only the best insurers, so you don’t have to. Count on it: All the policies we recommend are suited to your needs. This makes choosing the right insurer a breeze.

3 easy steps to excellent
child savings

Our team is here to guide you through the process.

1. Figure out what coverage you need

We can advise you on what your personal situation requires and recommend the right plan.

2. Choose your insurer

Let us help you differentiate and decide which insurer best meets your needs and budget.

3. Sign up when you’re ready

When you’ve reviewed your offer, we’ll go through the details together and submit the paperwork for you. Easy peasy!

Got questions? Our experts have the answers

Ask us about anything insurance and get an expert answer from one of our agents.