How To Drone Insurance

Here is everything you need to know about flying a drone and how you can protect yourself against risks


Nowadays, more and more people have their own drone since manufacturers are now producing cheaper versions. Many people use them for private photos and video recordings so they can capture impressions that are otherwise only known from helicopters or airplanes. But you have to be careful because drones can cause high financial and even physical damage. Therefore there’s the question about suitable insurance coverage for drones. This is exactly what this guide deals with.

The ultimate guide to drone liability insurance

Before we start: it is also important to know that our personal liability insurance can be extended with a drone module and covers you completely. Here are the answers to all the important questions about drone liability insurance.

Do I have to insure my drone?

Yes - insurance is compulsory in Germany since 2005. This applies regardless of whether a drone is used privately or commercially.

What is drone protection about?

Drone protection is a supplementary insurance that protects you if you cause damage with your drone. As the holder, you are liable for all damages caused by your drone. It can easily happen that a drone crashes, lands in the garden of a family and injures a playing child.

Do I need a commercial drone liability insurance?

If you're earning money flying drones, you need commercial liability insurance. If, for example, you run a Youtube channel in your spare time and you earn a few euros, this still counts as a "hobby" and is therefore no commercial use. If you are not sure, you can always contact us.

How many drones can I insure at the same time?

As many as you’d like - there is no limitation for the number of drones.

What do I need to watch out for when protecting my drone?

Basically, everything that is permitted is insured. If you adhere to the drone regulation, you are insured. There are only two exceptions:

1. Participation in competitions is not insured

2. Flights with video glasses over 30 metres or with a drone weighing over 250 grams are also not insured.

Who is allowed to fly my drone?

Many insurances protect you even if other people fly your drone in your presence. If you make sure that they comply with the drone regulations, you have nothing to worry about.

Do I need a licence for my drone?

No, you don't. However, if your drone weighs more than two kilograms, you will have to take a one-day course.

Am I insured if I fly outside of the airfield?

Yes, you are also insured outside of the model flying fields as long as you adhere to the drone regulations.If you fly outside of the airfield, you must put a sticker with your name and address on your drone.

Am I insured if I fly out of sight?

No, under the new regulation, you're only allowed to fly your drone if it’s in your sight.

Am I insured if I fly my drone indoors?

Yes, you are also insured if you fly your drone inside a building.

Am I insured abroad?

Whether your liability insurance also covers drone flights abroad, you should absolutely inquire. The insurance models vary here.

Can I take out drone insurance if I don’t live in Germany?

If you do not have a German registration address, most insurers cannot offer you insurance cover.

How high is the cover sum?

Depending on where you take out your liability insurance, the insurance covers personal injury, property damage and financial loss ranging from 1 million euro to - in the rarest case - 25 million euro.

25 million euros? Can a damage be that high?

Of course they can. Just imagine what happens if you fly near an airport and your drone disrupts its operation. Personal injuries can also quickly reach astronomical heights. This is why we have a very high cover sum. Fortunately, however, most of the damages that are caused by drones are minor.

Can I trust a young insurance company that offers such a high cover sum?

Yes, because many young insurance companies have large insurance companies and reinsurers as partners. They cover the risks of the insured and ensure that your loss is always covered.

How high can I fly my drone?

In general, you can fly your drone up to 100 metres high. If you want to fly it higher, you have to register it. Without a permit for this flight you are not legally insured.

How can I report a damage?

Depending on your insurance, there are different ways you can report your damage. This can be done by post, telephone or app. Normally, the insurance company needs some written information from you about the injured party and the damage. It is important that you photograph the damage and send the pictures to your insurance company.

What damages does the insurance cover?

Your insurance will pay for material damage and personal injury caused by your drone, e.g. if your drone accidentally breaks the glass terrace door of your neighbour or you injure people.

What happens if I am not to blame for the accident?

You are also liable for damage caused by your drone if you are not at fault. Therefore you need a liability insurance which is especially suitable for the operation of drones.

What about the deductible?

Often the drone protection is based on your personal liability insurance. If you have agreed on a deductible, it also applies to damage caused by your drone. In general, the contribution you have to pay is 150€.

What is the new drone regulation?

The number of drone pilots has recently increased significantly. Since drones are used both privately and commercially, they attract more and more interested people and lovers. The more drones there are in the air, the higher the risk of collisions and crashes. For this reason, the Federal Ministry of Transport has laid down clear rules to prevent accidents. The regulations also aim to better protect the safety and privacy of fellow human beings.

These are the most important rules ...

... on model flying field: The new rules only apply outside of model flying fields.

... for drones heavier than 250 grams: If your drone is heavier than 250 grams, you must attach a sticker with your name and address. You can obtain such a sticker from many clubs or on the Internet.

... for drones heavier than 2 kilograms: Besides the sticker you have to prove that you have special knowledge. For this you have to pass a kind of multiple-choice test at a recognised location of the federal aviation office. Topics such as air law, meteorology, flight operations and navigation are tested.

... for drones heavier than 5kg: You need an additional ascent permit issued by the state aviation authorities. In most cases, this permit can only be booked for the respective flight and cannot be issued nationwide. The application procedure varies within the federal states.

What happens if I violate the drone regulation and cause damage?

Anyone who flies a drone must respect strict regulations and, above all, comply with them. Otherwise, you may be subject to heavy fines and your insurance cover may expire. The damage will be paid by your insurance company, but it can happen that you will be taken into recourse and have to pay all or part of the amount yourself.

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Stay safe!