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The woman behind Getsafe's new car insurance. Marie tells her Getsafe story

2 minute read2020-12-03
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Hi, Marie. You’re Head of Insurance at Getsafe. What did you do before this?

I studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim. The degree covered many disciplines – without specialising too heavily in a single area. Project and product management really interested me, which is why I chose to do internships related to these topics. After I’d completed my studies, one thing was clear: I needed more hands-on work experience. I wanted to do this with a transitional internship at Getsafe before throwing myself into a Masters in Management at the University of Mannheim. However, I’ve been at Getsafe ever since! The internship in business development at Getsafe, which I started almost spontaneously, became the full-time role of Entrepreneur in Residence. At the start of 2020, I took on the role of Business Owner for the Insurance Team, then Head of Insurance.

How do you feel about your current role? Also, how did you get there?

It’s actually pretty similar to my previous roles – just a lot more! I had a huge amount of luck by joining Getsafe at the right time. There were many new things to learn and challenges to tackle – often without knowing how. This meant that we all learned together. Everything had to happen incredibly quickly, and we often had to make decisions intuitively – especially when I just started. I always gave everything because Getsafe means a lot to me. After all, they put a lot of trust in me by making me responsible for important projects.

I feel that I really fit well with Getsafe. I like the dynamic and the team. I’m always looking for people who have the desire to change something – and I meet plenty of them here. That really inspires me.

What was your latest big challenge?

Car insurance – without a shadow of a doubt! Insurance is unbelievably complicated, especially with all the processes going on in the background.

What are you currently learning?

I always used to think that leadership meant being at least 35 years old and always knowing what to do. I’m currently learning that this isn’t the case, and that’s great! On a serious note, I want to do everything properly. I also realise that no one can teach you that. I spend a lot of time focusing on soft skills and leadership. This motivates me hugely, but it is also a big challenge.

For me, it’s always important to be open and to ask for help if I realise that someone can do something better than me. It’s great to know that I work in a team that supports me in finding my way in my role and developing further.

Are you a team player or a lone wolf?

I would say that I’m a team player. However, I can also work effectively on my own when I have to. I often have to tackle challenges alone for many of my projects. Despite this, I love working with a team and helping other people.

Compared with the Marie before Getsafe, what’s changed?

Getsafe taught me to trust myself to do things that I never thought I could do. In a short period of time, I built up so much experience, which made me feel confident about taking on a lot of responsibility quickly.

What do you always need on your desk?

Sticky notes! I always have to write down my thoughts immediately and stick them on my computer screen so I don’t forget them.

What do you look at when you look out your office window?

I like to look at the mountains – they’re so calming. I would say I always think too much. Occasionally, I’ll close my laptop for a few minutes, look at the mountains, and structure my thoughts. What do I have to do today, what tasks must I still complete for my projects, and where am I currently?

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