A Part of Getsafe – Our Employee Shares Programme

We’ve been working on it for a long time, now it's here: our Virtual Stock Options Plan gives all team members virtual shares and enables everyone to become co-entrepreneurs at Getsafe

2 minute read2021-03-30
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We don’t just want to do insurance differently. We want to make it unconditionally better. And this mission starts from within. Our Virtual Stock Options Plan (VSOP) puts us on the right path. From now on, we’re giving the team part of the success that we create together.

Being part of the Getsafe family means acting and thinking like an entrepreneur. We have firmly embedded this mentality in our corporate culture and values. Now, we’re enshrining it as part of our DNA by making all employees co-owners of Getsafe – democratically, equally, and fully independent of performance.

All Getsafees receive a uniform virtual shares package that is calculated based on career level and grows as the company grows. If Getsafe goes public or is sold in the future, all employees benefit – but without being partners.

Virtual stock options are virtual company shares that form part of an employee's benefits. This is not about giving shares instead of salary; a criticism that often comes up with regards to this subject. Instead, we want to make the company's value development directly tangible and connect it with the team and each individual. We’re proud and thrilled to be taking this step. We strongly believe that stock options motivate everyone to build a great company and connect even more with Getsafe and our mission.

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