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Growth is our focus – both in a business and a personal sense. Rosa from the HR team explains how you can reach your full potential at Getsafe

2 minute read2021-01-11
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“We empower people to live life to the fullest by covering them and their universe, no matter who and where they are.” Empowerment is written into our DNA at Getsafe. This vision doesn’t just apply to our customers and product, but also to the entire Getsafe team. Today, more than ever before, we work from several continents, across multiple time zones and different languages. What brings us together is the desire to continuously make great things happen and help each other improve. We can only achieve this as a collective. This is just a small insight into our growth culture.

Career paths for your development

Being part of the big Getsafe adventure means acting like an entrepreneur. We always strive to push forward and never go back. We grow as a team, and everyone grows individually.

That’s why we put an immense amount of effort into setting up our Career Path Framework over the last year. It enables all Getsafees to fulfill their full potential. Do we have titles? Yes. However, these aren’t to set up large structures and hierarchies. Instead, they are there to promote individuals’ needs and development goals. Our promise: We grow together.

Our Career Path Framework shows you the directions you can go in and the level you can reach. It doesn’t matter if you want to go down the Expert Path or the Leadership Path, as our Career Path Framework helps you decide where you want to go and how best to use your skills and strengths. You’re also never alone on this journey. We’re always there to support you with your development.

We love feedback talks...

Our goal is to have an open feedback culture, where employees seek and receive feedback as often as possible – regardless of their role. This enables everyone to continuously improve and grow. A core pillar of this vision are employee appraisals, which we conduct every six months. Together with your manager, you reflect on the previous half year, set new goals, and agree a plan for your personal and professional development. These sessions clarify what you need to do to reach the next level in your career and outline your prospects.

…and don’t measure performance purely through KPIs

Growth comes with performance. To measure this, we pay close attention to whether we achieve and live the goals and values that are key to Getsafe’s culture. These are:

  1. Excellence: We strive for the best results with everything we do
  2. Reliable Teammate: We always see the bigger picture and put the team before individual agendas.
  3. Entrepreneur: We set ambitious goals and transform opportunities into success.

This means that our Career Path Framework and the expectations for each role aren’t based purely on KPIs, but on our three company values. They remind us that working together with trust and respect yields the best results for our team. And that’s exactly why they’re so important for measuring success.

Do you want to grow with Getsafe? Then take a look at our current job vacancies. If you’ve still got questions, send me an email. I look forward to your feedback.

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Author: Rosa