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3 minute read2020-10-07
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You’ve got your degree in the bag and are thinking about what your ideal working environment would be like? You don't feel much like working in rigid structures and long, drawn-out decision-making processes? Are you curious to help design innovations yourself rather than just sitting back and watching? If you work at Getsafe, you're hungry for tech, aren’t afraid to get involved in new projects, and are eager to turn the world upside down. In this blog article, we'll give you an insight into what working at Getsafe is like – and maybe that's just what you are looking for?

The insurance world of tomorrow

Let’s be honest: Most people see insurance as a boring topic that they would rather avoid. But it doesn’t have to be – and that's exactly where Getsafe comes in. We are motivated by the vision of making insurance positive again and turning it into a digital experience. To achieve this, we use technology and tailor our product precisely to the needs of our young target group: digital, flexible and available everywhere.

Getsafe is revolutionising the insurance world. There are three key factors that will help us achieve this goal as a team: trust, plenty of room for initiative and a relaxed way of working with each other. If you are keen to experiment and can implement ideas quickly and effectively, you have come to the right place. After all, everyone in a startup has their own role to play – and they usually find it faster than expected.

The team: authentic, diverse and open-minded

Above all, the success of a startup depends on its driving force: the team. Many of the projects and challenges we face are new, so it is important to try things out and learn quickly. It’s better to do this together, rather than alone. Asking colleagues for help is an integral part of our culture. And with every task, new opportunities open up to work with other teams. This gives you the chance to gradually gain insights, even into disciplines other than your own.

Last year we doubled in size – and Getsafe continues to grow. Diversity is particularly important to us, in many ways. There are now more than 25 different nationalities working here; but there is also a colourful mix of skills and experiences, sexual orientations, age groups and cultures.

The corporate language is English, and the entire product, the Getsafe app, is programmed bilingually. This keeps our processes lean and easy for everyone to understand and also simplifies expansion into new markets.

Just do it

We talk to our colleagues and customers just as we would talk to our friends. Together we want to make a difference. It is therefore essential to be on the same wavelength. The path to management is short, everyone is constantly evolving personally and professionally. Everyone works both strategically and operationally. Our core belief: just do it. No one is forced to work in a certain way. Instead, we encourage everyone to work in the way that best suits them.

Good communication is a basic prerequisite for ensuring that all processes run smoothly. In weekly team standups, everyone presents current projects, progress, successes and challenges. And to ensure that all colleagues and teams stay in touch, we have “random coffees”, where we are invited to meet a random person for a coffee. This is not only a chance for a nice break and good conversation, but also to learn more about other areas of the business. This also works in times of social distancing via video calls. In the team interview, four Getsafees featured in our Team Story explain how simple the application process and working from home is at Getsafe.

Our ambitions are high and the competition in the insurtech sector is definitely not sitting still. Achieving goals is therefore at the centre of our daily activities; everyone knows our goals and constantly works towards them. We use the OKR framework to synchronise the company across teams. OKR stands for "Objectives and Key Results". They help us to focus on a few central goals. They document progress and relate actual and target status to each other – right down to the level of personal employee goals.

Don't delay: Apply now!

Do you like the idea of rethinking insurance and think you’ll be a perfect fit at Getsafe? Now is your chance: We are always looking for new talents who want to to join the challenge and grow with us!

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