What You Can Expect: Onboarding at Getsafe

In order for our new team members to feel comfortable with us, we have prepared the perfect start for them. Office Manager Marlene gives you a few insights

3 minute read2020-10-28
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No matter whether it is your first internship during your studies or already the third permanent job of your professional career, the time before starting a new job brings many questions. To make sure you feel comfortable right from the start, we have worked intensively on the onboarding process. Here you can find out more about our program and how we make sure that you quickly get up and running at Getsafe, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Of course the job doesn't really start until the contract starts. But you can be sure that you'll already know what to expect. Before your first day, we’ll send you some important information, including your main contacts, which tools you need to get started and instructions on how to get your VRN Job Ticket. This answers your first questions, gives you a better feeling for what you can expect and makes sure you’re well prepared for your new challenge.

Your first week at Getsafe

The first day in a new job is always exciting and a little overwhelming, with countless new faces and lots of new information. But don't worry: we know it takes at least two to four weeks to get used to the business environment and work processes, and slowly pick up speed in your actual work.

To make your start easier, you'll get information about Getsafe and your first day at work – before you even start. On your first day, you will never be alone: Your workplace will be prepared, we will show you around and give you all the information you need. You will quickly experience how openly we work together here. Our values are lived by everyone, and as a newbie you are immediately an integral part of our team.

Better have some buddy

Anyone who starts at Getsafe has a personal buddy at their side for the first weeks and months. Your buddy will help you find the right meeting rooms or challenge you to a quick game of table football after work. But also for all other questions and worries you can turn to this person with confidence. Our Buddies are carefully selected and briefed in advance. Mostly they will contact you before your first day.

It is also an integral part of the Onboarding Week to talk to as many people as possible at Getsafe. As our team is made up of more than 25 different nationalities, there is a lot to learn. So, drink as much coffee, tea or soft drinks as you like and get to know as many Getsafees as possible.

We also have a tradition called Random Coffee. At the beginning of each week, all Getsafees are paired up at random to meet for a random coffee and exchange ideas on current topics.

The onboarding challenge

What better way to get to know the company than by taking part in a small challenge? Your first few weeks start with onboarding workshops from all areas of the business. Here you get to know the product, the organisational structure, our customers, important terms, tools and contacts.

There are a few tasks to complete that will help you understand the business model, key metrics and the team. All this helps you get into projects as quickly as possible and hit the ground running. At the end of the week, you will show what you have learned in a short presentation.

Onboarding never stops

Our environment is fast and dynamic. It is important that you are able to find your way quickly. Even if your onboarding officially only lasts one week, it will take a few months to get to this stage. Discussions take place regularly – feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

And of course you always have the opportunity to meet with other Getsafees, exchange ideas with the founders and get a taste of different areas of the business. At our weekly Townhall meeting, you will get to know all the teams and hear more about their work, goals and strategies. If you want to get to know your colleagues outside of work, you can take part in a small casual team event every Thursday after Townhall.

Corona update

If you have read this far, you might be asking yourself: That all sounds fine, but how is that supposed to work with the pandemic still ongoing? You can rest assured that all these formats and activities will still take place in a similar form remotely. We will organise your start as usual, arrange your first coffee dates in advance and if you like, we will send your starter kit with your work equipment to your home. In our blog post Corona Special Hiring and Working Remotely four Getsafees also report how their first weeks with us went during these unusual times.

Would you like to become part of our team? On our careers page you'll find exciting positions to start at Getsafe. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Author: Marlene