Getsafe Car Insurance – What’s Covered?

Are you looking for truly outstanding car insurance? Find out what Getsafe can offer you and your car

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Getsafe Car insurance offers a high level of coverage

Why should you opt for Getsafe Car insurance? We’ll explain the benefits for you here.

Getsafe Third Party insurance

Getsafe Third Party comes to the rescue by paying the costs if you cause damage to third parties in an accident with your car. You’re insured for 100 million euros per claim if you damage another driver's car, someone's property, or cause someone to suffer financial loss. Mallorca Cover comes into effect if you damage someone else’s car while driving a rented vehicle abroad. Damage to other people is covered for up to 15 million euros per injured person. Personal injury is covered in your Third Party policy for up to 50,000 euros, with a minimum deductible of 500 euros.

Our tip: We recommend that you opt for a high deductible. This means you pay a certain amount for any damage you cause. However, your premium will be cheaper.

Five additional drivers for no extra cost

Getsafe Third Party allows you to insure five additional drivers for no extra cost. One condition of this is that additional drivers must be at least 25 years old. If you want to add more than five people or anyone under the age of 25, your premium will increase.

It stays cheap – even after accidents

Getsafe Car insurance is cheap – and it stays that way! If you have an accident, you don’t face any penalties. Additionally, for every year that you’re claim free, you receive a voucher that gives you a discount on your premium. The voucher is for five percent of your premium (without tax) and is redeemable at the end of the year.

Get insured within minutes and file a claim easily by app

Purchasing insurance is especially simple with Getsafe thanks to our app. You can purchase car insurance from start to finish using just your smartphone. The whole process takes a matter of minutes, without paperwork. You can also easily file a claim with the app.

Getsafe Partial Comprehensive Coverage

Your insurance policy should suit you and your driving needs. Depending on your circumstances, Partial Comprehensive Coverage may offer the best benefits for you, such as covering you for damage you didn’t cause. Partial Comprehensive Coverage insures you against natural hazards like hail and compensates you for damage caused by theft, fire, or animals.

If your car is stolen, Getsafe Partial Comprehensive Coverage will refund the value of the vehicle at the time of theft up to the amount you’re insured for. This can’t exceed the original purchase price of the car. Even partial theft, such as if expensive tires are stolen, is covered for up 20 percent of the price of a new vehicle. However, items stolen from within the car, such as handbags, are not insured. Furthermore, Partial Comprehensive Coverage also covers key loss. You’re insured for up to 5,000 euros for lock changes due to key theft.

As a driver, there’s not much you can do about damage caused by animals. This could be the consequences of a collision with an animal. Getsafe Partial Comprehensive Coverage compensates you for repair costs in this instance. If the costs for damage exceed the value of the car and the car must be written off, you will receive payment for the current value of the car.

Marten bites and any consequential damage are also covered. These pests typically bite tubes and cables during spring and summer. If they bite the cooling tube and this goes unnoticed, coolant can slowly leak, causing the engine to overheat. Partial Comprehensive Coverage covers you for up to 5,000 euros for engine damage.

A particularly common claim is for stones hitting windscreens while driving. This is often unpredictable when you're driving on the motorway, but happens relatively frequently. During the purchase process at Getsafe, you set a deductible. The rest of the repair is covered by your insurance.

Getsafe Fully Comprehensive Coverage

Getsafe Fully Comprehensive Coverage provides you with the ultimate protection for your car. This is the go-to option if you drive an expensive car or one that is up to five years old. In addition, it also protects you against accidental damage to your car – even if you are responsible. For example, if you caused a rear-end collision, Fully Comprehensive Coverage pays for the repair – and waives the plea of gross negligence. If your car must be written off, Fully Comprehensive Coverage compensates you for the current value of the car.

All the benefits of Partial Comprehensive Coverage are included in Fully Comprehensive Coverage.

Several hundred thousand cars are damaged by vandalism every year. Damage ranges from scratches to the paintwork to broken mirrors and even arson. Fully Comprehensive Coverage reimburses you for these types of incidents.

It’s never been easier to protect yourself and your car

100% flexibility thanks to our app, insure five additional drivers for no extra  costs, and rewards for being claim free, and premiums that stay cheap, even after accidents – these are some of the key benefits that Getsafe Car insurance offers. Sounds great, right? Find out more about car insurance:

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