Hello, World – Let’s Go on Workation

Doing Zoom calls under palm trees, checking emails at the beach, having actual Italian pizza for dinner? No problem with our new workation model

3 minute read2022-08-12
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The pandemic has changed many things about the way we work: We have come to appreciate more flexibility, more trust, and more autonomy. Our conclusion, in the interest of the team: We want more of this. And we’ll do you one more! Now that the world is opening its doors back up, and travel is once again possible, it is the right time to get a breath of fresh air into our day-to-day lives by going on workation. This only benefits work: We are more motivated and we get to refuel our energy. Let’s refresh our minds!

Work & Travel in a new way

Our workation model gives us the opportunity to balance work with downtime even better. We can go visit our families and friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. For internationals, visiting home isn’t restricted to our off-days anymore. We can go to our home countries – or all across Europe – and live and work from there for at least 30 days.

A change of scenery can foster inspiration and creativity as much as it helps with winding down. Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t dreamt of waking up with an ocean view on a regular Tuesday?

Exchange is in our DNA

Getsafe employs people from over 25 different nations. Cultural exchange is, thus, part of our company DNA – we learn from, as well as with, each other, and we are always open towards new things. Our workation model reflects this value: Do you want to go to Greece? Our data analyst Dimitri’s parents have an AirBnb there. Do you like it cooler? Go to Sweden, Ulrika from customer service can give you tips! City trip to Paris? Our senior controller Eleonore knows the hot spots.

We are convinced that the different perspectives we pool at Getsafe are a big factor in our success. The opportunities for workation are an important step in giving diversity at Getsafe even more freedom and space.

We empower people

Workation as part of our new workplace design should facilitate juggling work and private life even more efficiently – no matter if that means visiting home for international Getsafees, getting out of your routine for a change, or enriching yourself culturally. As a startup, we always strive for positive change and embrace innovative solutions that make it possible to live life to the fullest. Work-life balance isn’t only a buzzword for us, but it has a tangible meaning: Working autonomously, wherever we like it best.

Are you in the mood to go on workation? Check out our vacancies:

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