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After a hard day at work, you look forward to getting home and just relaxing. You go outside to get your bike and head straight home, but: what’s that? Instead of your beloved racing bike, all you find is a cracked lock.

Scenarios like this are surprisingly common. Every two minutes a bicycle is stolen in Germany, and only one in ten cases of bike theft are solved. Bicycle theft insurance offers you financial protection if someone steals your bike. But do insurers still pay out if the thieves only stole your saddle? And what should you do if you discover that your valuable bike has been stolen? This blog post answers all your questions about bicycle insurance.

The Ultimate Guide to Bike Insurance

If you want to insure your bike, many insurers require you to first purchase home contents insurance. But what if you don’t need contents insurance and just want to protect your bike from theft? Then a special bicycle insurance policy, which isn’t tied to any home insurance, might be just the right thing for you. There are a few things you should bear in mind to ensure that you get reimbursed quickly and easily in the event of a claim. We will answer these important questions:

What do I have to do in order for the bike insurance to pay?

When you buy your bike insurance, you have to give us some information about your bike. We will ask you for the serial number (also called frame number), the total cost of your bike (or the insured sum) and the number of bikes you want to cover. Here are five tips to help ensure that the insurer will pay out in case of a claim:

1. Keep your sales receipt

Your insured sum is the value of your bicycle plus the value of your bike lock. This should be written on your receipt or proof of purchase. If you make a claim, you will need the proof of purchase, so take good care of it!

2. Always lock your bike securely

Insurance or no insurance, no one wants their bike to be stolen. You should always lock your bike to an immovable object, even if it is stored in a bicycle storage room. You should also make sure to use a good quality bike lock. Especially if you have a bike worth €400 or more, then you must make sure that the lock is from a reputable brand and has a high safety rating. This considerably boosts your chance of reimbursement.

3. Report the theft

You should notify the police as soon as you notice that your bike has been stolen. To receive a payout, you must prove that you have reported the crime to the police.

4. Take photos of your bike and your frame number

We need these if you make a claim. If you are unable to submit this information, you will only receive a part of the compensation.

5. Keep the key

If your bike is stolen, keep the key to the lock. This can help our claims department process your claim.

What else is insured besides my bicycle?

In addition to your bicycle, the lock is also insured if it is stolen or destroyed. You will be reimbursed for the value of the bicycle and lock so you can replace them both.

What do I have to consider when locking my bicycle?

To protect your bike sufficiently against theft, you should use a security lock to lock it to a firmly anchored object (e.g. a bike stand or lamppost). Make sure that it cannot be easily removed, carried away or lifted out. If you regularly store your bike in a room that is also used by other people, make sure that you always lock it with a security lock. If you have a bicycle cellar or other storage facility at home, you are obliged to use it.

What are the benefits of the Premium extension?

Your bike is protected against simple theft and robbery with our basic insurance module. With the Premium extension, you can extend your basic protection to include partial theft and vandalism. This means that you are also protected if, for example, only your saddle is stolen or if someone has completely bent your spokes.

Which parts of my bike are insured with the Premium extension?

The Premium extension covers permanently connected parts that are necessary for the functionality of the bike. This includes the chain, the spokes and the saddle. Accessories such as bicycle bags and baskets are not covered. Trailers, child seats and other objects that are firmly attached to the bicycle but are not part of the bicycle's function are not covered.

Can I insure several bicycles?

Yes, you can protect more than one bicycle. When you buy your insurance, make sure to specify each bike and include photos of the frame numbers.

Where and when is my bicycle insured?

Your bicycle is insured with us 24/7. This applies not only in Germany, but also worldwide for travels up to six months.

How do I determine my insured sum?

The insured sum should correspond to the value of your bicycle including your lock. Please note that if you have insured several bicycles, the insured sum increases accordingly.

If you have any more questions, get in touch with us. The Getsafe team will be happy to advise you. Write to us at [email protected].

Stay safe!

Author: Neeve