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I am impressed by our product and of course our technology


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Nils is one of our software developers who has been with Getsafe for a relatively long time. Working at a startup was a conscious decision in order for him to implement his own ideas.

How did you get to Getsafe?

About a year and a half ago I started at Getsafe after graduating from KIT with a Master's degree. During my studies, I already gained some experience at the Fraunhofer Institute and became aware of what I was interested in - and what I would like to do differently later. For example, I realized that I would like to work in a small, young team with a good technology stack. So a startup was perfect for me. After a short research I came across Getsafe and one and a half weeks after my application I had already signed my contract.

What exactly are you doing for Getsafe?

I am a backend software developer. That means that I'm responsible for everything behind our app and website - what you can't see. The backend receives all the data requested by the app or website and processes it so that it can generate documents or invoices, for example. I mainly work on new features and write the code for them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your last project?

Sure, I'd love to. We recently released our new feature "Policy Networks" which I worked on for about four to six weeks - which is a long time for Getsafe standards. Policy Networks is deeply integrated in our backend which is only possible because we built the core technology ourselves. Since we've been allowed to provide all the software ourselves for contents insurance, it's much easier to build new features.

What would you say is the biggest challenge in your job?

At Getsafe – or in a startup in general – everything is always very short-term. We often receive requirements that are preferably dealt with as quickly as possible. But this isn’t always possible. Specific requirements should ideally be designed in such a way that one or two years later they can still be built upon and code or architecture doesn't have to be rewritten as soon as the requirements have changed or expanded. We have very big ambitions but are a relatively small team. This balancing act between 'as fast as possible' and 'expandable' is sometimes difficult to manage.

What do you like best about your job?

Hard to say, I really like my job (laughs). I am impressed by our product and of course our technology. We have created a super cool platform with a lot of basics, with which we have very good chances to expand even further in the next few years. With the right amount of freedom and responsibility, I have already learned and achieved a lot here. But what I like the most is definitely the team. In my opinion, this is also Getsafe’s biggest asset. We have a really cool team with people who are really good at what they do and with whom I simply enjoy working together.

We have another Nils in our team...

Yes that's true and I also know what you're getting at. At work we mainly use slack to communicate with each other. Instead of Nils Sommer I renamed myself to Nils S. and used the profile picture of my colleague Nils Stotz. He renamed himself to Nils S. as well. Nobody could tell us apart. The slack conversation between Nils and me then looked as if Nils would simply write with himself. Exactly such things loosen the atmosphere and the working climate.

What are you interested in besides backend?

I am interested in investment - I like to discuss stocks with my colleagues. I'm also fascinated by philosophy! It’s a cool tool and has some basic features that I find very helpful. Above all, I learned to think and argue critically which has helped me a lot in my job.

What do you do when you're not at work?

I like running, cooking and watching sports. Since I’m from the area around Heidelberg, I have a relatively large and close group of friends and I try to hang out with them as often as possible.

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Workaholic, (sometimes) forgetful and enthusiastic.

Do you already know where your next holiday will take you?

Next I would like to go to Scandinavia or to New York City.

Does this sound interesting?

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