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Initial Consultation

Insurance is not rocket science. We explain everything you need to know about initial consultation in this glossary article.

    What is an initial consultation?

    When a legal problem occurs in everyday life, it often brings up a lot of questions: What are the next steps? Is it worth pursuing the matter? Does my case even have a chance of success? These are precisely the questions that a lawyer can answer during an initial consultation.

    How can you prepare for an initial consultation?

    Checklist – Initial Consultation

    • All relevant documents and evidence: contracts, letters, emails, photos
    • Policy or number of your legal insurance
    • Your notes and questions
    • (Chronological) overview of the issue
    • Contact details of witnesses (if available)

    What happens during an initial consultation?

    During an initial consultation, you describe your case to the lawyer. Of course, it is important to tell everything truthfully and not to leave out any relevant information. Don't worry that anything you say will be used against you – lawyers are bound by professional secrecy.

    Together, you will discuss different ways of solving your case. In addition, the lawyer can give you an overview of the costs that you can expect, depending on the solution.

    What does an initial consultation with a lawyer cost?

    The maximum limit for lawyers' consultation fees is regulated by law. How much the initial consultation will cost, however, depends entirely on the lawyer and the complexity of your case.

    If you have taken out legal insurance with Getsafe, you don't have to worry about these costs – the initial telephone consultation via the legal hotline is free of charge.

    Another advantage of Getsafe: If your insured case can be solved with costs up to €250 excl. VAT, the excess is waived.

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