How To Liability Insurance

Private liability insurance makes sense for everyone. We will explain to you why this insurance is necessary and what you should consider

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Imagine you are on holiday with friends and have borrowed your friend’s SLR camera. You accidentally drop it and now have to pay for the damage you’ve caused. And now?

The ultimate guide to liability insurance

About four out of five Germans have liability insurance – and not without reason. Just a fraction of a second of carelessness is enough to cause serious damage to third parties and their property. Without appropriate liability insurance, you can lose your assets very quickly, especially if you are the one to blame for personal injury. You could then be faced with costs in the millions. Fortunately, this happens very, very rarely, but even a collision with another cyclist can be expensive.

Getsafe offers you a very cheap, digital and simple liability insurance to protect you against such financial consequences. We explain to you here what you should consider about liability insurance.

What damages does liability insurance cover?

The insurance covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses that you are liable for – up to a value of 15 million €. We insure you for example for damages in road traffic (attention: does not replace the motor vehicle insurance), during sports and even at dog- or babysitting. Loss of keys is also covered for up to 50.000 €. We will even make sure that you get your money back even if the person who caused you damage has no insurance cover and no assets (up to 3 million € with a deductible of 1,000 €). Your voluntary work is also insured for up to 15 million €.

When is my insurance valid?

Your insurance is valid from the day after you take out the policy. Example: You buy your cover on 1 February. You will then be insured against damage from 2 February. This also means that your insurance cover does not cover damage that occurred before 2 February. If you use our exchange service, you will receive a provisional contract with a starting date 12 months in the future until your current liability insurance confirms the cancellation. Your start date will not be adjusted until the cancellation confirmation has been received. From this date you will be insured with Getsafe.

When do I have to pay for the first time for my protection?

You pay your basic liability insurance directly in advance for one month. So if you make the purchase on 1 February and you want the contract to start immediately, you pay the fee directly on 1 February. With your first purchase you create a contract. Each further extension is always paid on the date on which you made your 1st purchase. (The protection is only valid from the next day, however.) If you now extend your protection on 15 February with the drone protection, you pay the basic protection as well as the drone protection for one month in advance on 1 March, as well as proportionately the drone protection for the period from 15 February to 1 March.

Can I take out liability insurance without a german citizenship?

Yes, no problem at all! It’s just important that your usual place of residence is in Germany.

Is my drone insured?

With the addition of the drone module, your private hobby flights with drones up to a weight of 5.0 kg are insured. Even the occasional use of your drone by friends, in your presence of course, is covered. As with the basic module or family protection, damage is insured up to €15 million. The insurance cover for your drone is valid worldwide.

Does my liability protection also apply if I am abroad?

Yes, you have worldwide protection! For longer stays abroad – outside Europe for up to five years and within Europe even for an unlimited period – you can enjoy the same liability cover as in Germany.

Is my spouse/ life partner or my family insured too?

We’re pretty big on family: By supplementing the family module, not only your children (or those of your spouse or life partner) and your spouse or life partner are protected, but also your parents and grandparents (or those of your spouse or life partner). It is always a condition that all family members live in the same household. You have read correctly: You can insure your whole family, if they live with you in a house, for the monthly equivalent of a Latte Macchiato at Starbucks against liability damage! And if your little ones ever bring friends to stay overnight, even they are covered. With the Getsafe liability insurance, you can choose whether you want to include your partner or not. The family tariff also applies to single parents!

Are my pets insured?

The insurance covers the legal liability of the policyholder as the keeper or guardian of tame pets, tamed small animals and bees. This includes pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigeons, chickens, other poultry and bees as long as they are kept for private purposes. Excluded from the insurance cover is the legal liability as owner or guardian of dogs, cattle, horses, other riding and draught animals of wild animals as well as animals kept for commercial or agricultural purposes.

Am I protected against uninsured third parties?

If a person unintentionally causes damage to you or your property but has no liability insurance, your own liability insurance will cover the damage. Since about 15% of households in Germany do not have a personal liability insurance, the this should definitely be included in your contract. The protection against uninsured third parties is included in the Getsafe liability insurance.

What does a deductible do for me?

If you choose a tariff with deductible, you pay a small, self-defined amount (e.g. 150 €) yourself in the event of a claim. In return, the monthly contribution is somewhat cheaper. For tariffs without a deductible, you do not have to contribute anything. With Getsafe liability, you can freely choose whether you want a tariff with or without a deductible.

Are any courtesy damages included?

If you unintentionally cause damage while helping someone, it is a courtesy damage. For example, if your friend’s plasma TV falls down while you help him to move, this can sometimes be excluded in contracts. This is different in our case: we also cover courtesy damage.

And what about borrowed items?

Damages to borrowed items are often not covered. For example, if you frequently borrow your roommate’s bike, you should make sure that damage to borrowed items is included in the contract. Borrowed items are covered by Getsafe liability insurance.

What happens if I lose my key?

If you lose the key to an apartment building or office, it can be expensive. Often the entire locking system has to be replaced (approx. 20,000€). If you live in an apartment building or have the key to an office, it can be very useful to include the loss of keys. Getsafe liability insurance includes the loss of keys in the basic tariff.

Do you have any questions? Contact us. The Getsafe team will be happy to advise you. Send an email to [email protected].

Stay safe!