Part of Who We Are: Feedback at Getsafe

Ana from the HR team explains why feedback is so important to us – and how it all works at Getsafe

3 minute read2021-02-01
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Beginning a new job is exciting. You’re faced with new challenges on a daily basis, new stories, and countless new insights. If you’re starting at Getsafe, you’ve already been through the challenging interview process and can look forward to being part of our special journey. “Join the challenge. We grow together.” – that’s our promise to you and our team. But for us to grow together, an open corporate culture is crucial. This includes transparency and sharing ideas and feedback.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and are able to find what you need to fulfill your potential at Getsafe. That’s why we’re always there for you, offering you touchpoints and helping you overcome initial hurdles.

The probation period is the feedback period

Before you even start at Getsafe, you will already have three feedback appointments in your calendar. This means you understand what to expect and when to expect it as well as giving you enough time to prepare. The interviews take place within a predefined framework, which is led and organised by your HR manager – who acts as a trusted advisor.

Your first feedback round is after only four weeks. As always, first impressions count! And this is exactly what we want to hear about from you. By this point, you’ll already have got your bearings, completed onboarding, and become familiar with the team. How do you like things so far? Maybe you’ve noticed something is missing that’s hindering your ability to work effectively? Together, we will look for solutions, listen to your ideas, and discuss the next steps for your second feedback talk in month four. How were the previous weeks? How do you see your role at Getsafe? Shortly before your probation period ends, we’ll sit down again to discuss feedback. How satisfied are you? How do you think you’ve performed, and how do we think you’ve performed? But these talks are not an end in themselves. Instead, we work out where your Getsafe journey is going and develop personalised plans to transform your career vision into reality.

Feedback is part of our growth culture

But we don’t stop exchanging ideas and discussing feedback after six months. Feedback is a core pillar of our growth culture. Therefore, we ensure an open approach to feedback is always possible and, most importantly, that it happens in practice – even if this is sometimes uncomfortable.

Does this sound like the perfect working environment for you? Then take a look at our current job vacancies. If you’ve still got questions, you can send me an email at any time.

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Author: Ana