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New feature in the Getsafe app: find your certificates in your profile and have them ready on your smartphone


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There are always situations where you have to prove that you have taken out a valid insurance, for example a drone or liability insurance. Until now, you had to contact our customer service so that they could prepare and send you an insurance certificate. We now have a new feature in our app: you can easily download your insurance certificate as a PDF file and therefore it's digital and always available.

What is an insurance certificate?

An insurance certificate is a document that confirms that you are insured correctly. It includes your personal details, your policy number and the date your insurance started. In the case of drone insurance, it also contains information about the drone. If you have taken out more than one insurance policy with us, there is a separate certificate for each policy. You can find your certificates in your profile under insurance documents and have them ready on your smartphone from now on.

Attention: An insurance certificate isn’t an insurance policy. The insurance policy reflects the content of the insurance contract and outlines the terms and conditions of the contract. The certificate is an insurance confirmation.

What are the most common cases where you need an insurance certificate?

Since April 2017, the new drone regulation in Germany requires you to take out insurance for your drone and to carry an insurance certificate with you every time you use your drone.

But an insurance certificate is not only important for drone insurance: many landlords require tenants to take out liability insurance - and this also requires a confirmation of contract.

Why is there this new feature?

Every day we receive improvement suggestions, feedback and ideas from you. We are always interested in giving our customers the best experience with our app and making everything about insurance simple and uncomplicated. That's why we also try to implement many things – including this feature that some customers have been eagerly awaiting.

So: If you also have wishes or ideas that make our app even better, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Stay safe!

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